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Tiger Safari in India

Updated on December 20, 2017
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Uday works as a naturalist and birding guide in India. His love for wildlife and nature encourages him to blog and write articles.

Tiger Cub

Tiger Safari

The word tiger safari in India has become a common term for touring to see the big cat in the wild. This does not connote the usual tiger safari that takes place in zoos or private sanctuaries as in USA and other parts of the World.

Most of the safaris in protected areas in India are on open jeeps only, since trekking is not allowed. The organisers book the entry at the park gate. One has to pay the requisite fee for the excursions. The jeeps are provided by local taxi owners for a charge based on per kilometre basis. These are driven by expert drivers capable of driving on the rough jungle roads.

The safari is organised two times a day. The morning excursion is from dawn to noon while the evening one is from post lunch to dusk. Timing differs from one reserve to another. During the excursion in the forest one can enjoy the panoramic splendour. The safaris offer a good chance to sight wild animals and birds. The most thrilling sight is that of the endangered tigers in their natural habitat.

At many reserves you can have a full day safari without interruption. The rate in this case is higher, and you may have to pay as much as three times more. This option is most preferred by wildlife photographers and film makers.

In Indian reserve entry has to be paid for and it is called gate fee. In many reserves a guide fee has to be paid as well.

Nature Lovers

Nature Lovers on Tiger Safari
Nature Lovers on Tiger Safari | Source

Wildlife Photographs

FemaleTigerCub | Source
Tiger Mael
Tiger Mael | Source
Swamp Deer in Water
Swamp Deer in Water | Source
Common Buschat Bird
Common Buschat Bird | Source

Tiger in Wild

Tiger at Kanha National Park
Tiger at Kanha National Park | Source

Tiger Safari Parks

The best places to see the tiger in the wild are in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The State has many parks called tiger reserves which are best for safaris. The parks have a large number of big cats which can be frequently seen on jeep safari.

The tourism infrastructure in the reserves is well organised. Apart from tiger, the reserves are excellent bird habitats with more than 250 species. Other wild animals seen are leopards, sloth bears, bison, swamp deer, barking deer, spotted deer; sambar deer, four horned antelope, wild dogs, wild boars, langur and nilgai. The reserves abound in reptiles and butterflies.

For visitors the accommodation is available near the buffer zone on the outskirts. The hotels range from five star to budget category. Most of the resorts are well equipped and serve excellent Indian cuisine. Some of them offer naturalist guide services who are excellent birders and can track tigers with their experience and skill. Some popular National Parks are:

  • Kanha Safari Park
  • Bandhavgarh Safari Park
  • Pench Safari Park

One can also make a trip to these parks on package tours. Since the parks are at a motor-able distance it is possible to include more than one in the itinerary.

It is however advised not to visit the preserves during the holidays as the rush is very high and accommodation is difficult to get. Summers are the best for animal watching but it gets too hot after March.

New upcoming wildlife watching areas are Ratapani Tiger Reserve near Bhopal in Raisen District and Satpura National Park near Hosangabad both in MP. The latter is near the Pachmarhi Sanctuary and it along with Bori WLS and Satpura NP forms the Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve.

Map Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park:
Kanha Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh, India

get directions

A tiger conservation unit in Mandla and Balaghat Districts of Madhya Pradesh in India. Ideal for tiger safari, mammal watching and birding.

Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park India:
Bandhavgarh National Park, State Highway 10, Near Petrol Pump, Badhavgarh, District Umaria, Tala, Ma

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A unit conservation with historical monuments in Umaria District of Madhya Pradesh in India. Ideal for watching tigers, mammals and birds.

Pench National Park

Pench National Park India:
Pench National Park, Near Turia Gate, Post :- Turia, Seoni Dist, Kurai, Madhya Pradesh 480661, India

get directions

A tiger conservation unit based in Chhindawara and Seoni District of Madhya Pradesh in India. Popular for tiger sighting and other mammal and birding.

Wildlife Photos

Bison | Source

Open Jeep Safari

Open Jeep Safari in Jungle
Open Jeep Safari in Jungle | Source

Tiger Tour

The most exciting animal to see in the wild is the majestic Indian Tiger. The animal was once abundant in the jungles of India. In recent times due to habitat loss and poaching the numbers have come down drastically and it is on the verge of extinction.

It is not only because of the plight that the tiger is facing, it is also the charisma the animal beholds that people from all over the world wish to see. Watching this graceful and extremely beautiful cat in the wild is a treat to the eyes and your camera. An unforgettable moment that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

The best places to see the tiger in the wild are Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh in India. Ranthambore and Corbett are also good bet. But since I am visiting the former three on regular basis I know for sure that sighting tigers in the wild is most successful here in these parks.

The top wildlife resorts and hotels in reserves arrange safaris themselves for the comfort of the visitors. They provide luxury stay as well as budget accommodation. .

One must book the tours in advance and through a proper channel. There are agents who specialise in tiger tours. Many safari agents are online operators through their website. They provide the best packages offered by the resorts at Kanha and other tiger reserves.

Best wildlife tour packages in India offer tiger safaris to top National Parks. Many tour packages include sightseeing as well as wildlife watching in one itinerary. There are many tour companies in India, one can search for their websites on the Internet.

One must be careful while travelling to tiger reserves since they are situated in remote areas. Hence credit cards, travellers cheque may not be acceptable there so carry cash. Carry medicines required by you and beverages that you like.

Be equipped with binoculars, spotting scopes and books on birds and mammals. Read books on nature to enjoy the place. Get hold of a good naturalist if possible.

Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari
Elephant Safari | Source

Elephant Ride

The most popular form of tracking tigers in the wild is on elephant back. The long and short elephant safaris are not available in many parks. But wherever available, it is worth going for. The adventure may last for two to four hours and you experience the jungle life from close.

At many wildlife refuges in India tiger show is held. This is a very short ride to the spot where the tiger has been located and then after a good view the ride back to your jeep follows. This is a good way of enjoying an exotic safari on elephant while paying less charge.

The tourists climb on elephant using a ladder or from a machaan which is a wooden platform. They sit in a wooden cradle called Howdah and are secured by a rectangle steel rods set up as enclosure. One has to hold the rods in order to avoid falling down. With trained Mahout and elephant, this is a safe ride.

Indian Wildlife

Wildlife Images


Responsible Tourism

Wildlife watching is fun and exciting. But it is also a learning experience. We learn about food chain concept and ecosystems and how they affect humans. We learn how the interlinked chain reaches down to us and delivers fresh water, food and energy. We derive all this from nature, hence we should protect it. Unlike a holiday in beach resort or elsewhere, wildlife watching involves a degree of seriousness and responsibility.

As responsible tourist our first duty is to follow green friendly policies. We should encourage the service providers - tour operators, lodges, transportation services etc to do so. Our foray into eco-tourism should be beneficial to local communities to whom the heritage belongs.

There should be an effort to go green and use alternative eco-friendly energy resources. This can happen when we care for it. Conserving our natural resources is important for life on Earth to sustain.

In responsible tourism, benefits should flow to locals and it should be participatory in approach. There should be substantial involvement and encouragement for local culture and their mores.

When at the parks indulge in local shopping, visit to villages, interact with rural people. Visit rural schools, hospitals and perhaps make contribution of some kind. This is the right way forward. The recourse to alternative eco-friendly sources of energy should always be preferred. Besides the tourist responsibilities, the establishment should limit the use of energy. They should encourage hotels to make an effort to use recycled resources.


Tiger and Lngur
Tiger and Lngur | Source

The Best Park

Which Park Do You Like The Best in India

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How to Book Tiger Safari?

Tiger Safari in National Parks of Madhya Pradesh can be booked online at MP Online Portal. You have to book in advance as there is a limitation on vehicle entry into the parks. Advance booking insures your entry into the park when you reach there. This way you can plan as to which zone to explore.

You can also ask your hotel booking agent to make the necessary arrangements for jeep hire.

The safaris are conducted twice a day, once in the morning and another in the early evening hours. Trekking is not allowed, the trips are organised in open jeeps registered with the forest department.

Professional equipment fee is applicable so keep the necessary cash. Six tourists are allowed on board, so if you are alone or less than six you can share the vacant seat/seats and divide the expense.

The naturalist accompanying you is counted as a member of group and not exempted from the charges. A forest guide is compulsory accompaniment with each vehicle.

At the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in Umaria District of MP and Kanha Tiger Reserve near Mandla the tourism area is divided into zones. Your jeep safari is limited to this area. On a long trip you can choose to visit all the zones in order to make your tour more interesting.

Breeding Tigers

Mating Tigers in The Parks
Mating Tigers in The Parks | Source

Map Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh India :
Madhya Pradesh, India

get directions

A State of India Madhya Pradesh is also known as Central India. It is home to the tiger in many reserves and wildlife sanctuaries.

© 2008 Uday Patel


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