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Holiday Plan: How to plan and reap maximum benefit for your next holiday

Updated on September 12, 2013
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How to plan and reap maximum benefit for your next holiday
How to plan and reap maximum benefit for your next holiday

Planning a holiday is taken for granted by most people. The reason is that they rarely have time to consider the highlights for their holiday. But this should not be the case. You've worked very hard and just for a while you want to go to a place where different from your normal life's activities to chill out and relax. From the beginning you need to ask and answer very important questions. The answer to these question will help to inform your planning and organisation as well as the outcome of your holiday.

What is the objective of this holiday?

What destination(s) will enable me realise this aspiration?

How am I going to accomplish it and when?

Are there those that will be involved to making this dream possible? What specific activities or roles will these people contribute to making this plan to be realised?

Where am I going yo stay and eat throughout this period?

Are there other contingencies that need to be attended to, as to make my holiday a wonderful experience?

In this article I'll try to answer some of these questions so as to provide a basis or framework for thinking about planning your next holiday.

Destination - what's the purpose

Where are you going for your holiday? This could be motivated by a desire to achieve a particular ambition.

- a holiday in the sun

- a beach

- a group holiday with firends, spouse and relatives or friends

- an activities holiday, say skiing in the Alps or the Scottish Highlands

- a excursion to an important place

The list is endless. The main idea is to know the motivation for your holiday as it could infor your options in terms of your destination.

Process - How will I get there?

You need to work out the vehicle or means to take you to your destination. Is it by road, by air, by water, or a combination of these means. Do you need to drive or take a taxi and vise versa. Do you need to book a flight or connecting flight? How much is it going to cost? When am I supposed to book it? Will I a travel agency of holiday company? Either way you need to work these out. a lot depends on your budget.

Accomodation and food - where am going to stay and eat

When you reach your destination where are you going to stay and for how long? What are you going to eat? Most of the time people plan their holiday, but they rarely plan what they are to eat or drink. The result is that they end up eating the wrong food in wrong places leading to food allergy, food poisoning and food intoxication. Being aware of the possibility of these food problems will enable you to plan for your eating and drinking as well.

Activities -what to do

What are you going to do during your holiday? As a very important leisure time will you use it for any of the following:

relaxation - reading a book, sitting by alake, meditating, listening to music

recreation - gardening, taking walk, playing games

exercise - walking, jogging, cyclig, swimming, skiing, or shooting

hobbies - wood working, cooking, painting, or walking the dogs

entertainment - going to theater, cinema, concert, watching a spectator sport

socializing - going to the pub, visiting friends or entertaining friends

The list is endless you can add yours.

Contingencies - other things you may consider

Do you need a travel insurance, special visas, vaccination, health insurance, animal insurance if you're travelling with your pet.

Do you have any special health needs or dietary requirements? Do you need to take your medicines?

Do you need to extra spending money for additional costs during your holiday.? Have you done your money transfer?

Think carefully of other areas that may help you to have a wonderful holiday which you may never  forget.


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