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How to see Greece on a Budget

Updated on March 6, 2015

Do you fancy a holiday in sunny Greece but worry that you will not be able to afford it? Here are some tips to help you see Greece on a budget:

Greece Map



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Greece from Space




Camping is an ever-popular cheap option and there are the usual hostels in the larger towns and cities. In remote areas, house stays are sometimes an affordable choice. If you are particularly short of funds then you could always consider staying for free with strangers through a site like Couchsurfing. A note of caution: wild camping is illegal in Greece, so although any people do it, this is not encouraged by the authorities in the country.

The 10 best campsites in Greece

Camping Village 'Dionysus', Dassia 491 00, Greece

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Lichnos, Λύχνος, Lichnos 480 60, Greece:
Lichnos 480 60, Greece

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Lefkas, Patra, Greece

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Poros 311 00, Greece:
Poros 311 00, Greece

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Lithakia Zakynthos:
Lithakia 290 92, Greece

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Sithonia 630 88:
Sithonia 630 88, Greece

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Kato Gatzea, Pelion, Volos, Greece:
Volos, Greece

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8th Km of Delphi-Amfissa highway, Δελφοί 330 54, Greece:
Delfi 330 54, Greece

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Avenue Plaisance du Touch 13210 St Rémy de Provence:
Rue Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, 31830 Plaisance-du-Touch, France

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Agios Ioannis Theologos, Antiparos:
Antiparos, Greece

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I recommend CAMPING DIONYSUS, This seems to have the best sites and facilities.




Eat fairly cheaply away from the tourist centres in local areas. A handy hint is to try the gyros and other street food – they cost very little and yet will fill you up. In less touristy coastal areas, cut out the middleman and befriend fishermen – often friendly locals will be happy to sell you a portion of their day's catch for next to nothing. Local people may even invite you for a meal so it pays to be cheerful and polite. Markets are also excellent places to pick up fresh food for low cost.

WorldFish Petros Patmanidis is voted the Number 1 fish market in Greece

Getting Around

Getting Around:

Hitchhiking is common and easy in most of Greece so stick your thumb out if you are travelling solo. A more affordable option than car rental for making your own way is to hire a scooter. That will allow you to be mobile for far less, and you can set your own agenda. Walking and cycling are also good ways to explore over smaller areas. Book any ferries you plan to take ahead of time – if you can book two months in advance you could save up to a quarter off the price of your ticket. Booking an overnight ferry can also save you money – not only by saving you the cost of a night's accommodation but also because the tickets for night crossings can be half the price of daytime sailings.

Hitchhiker's safety

Here are four quick tips which will make you safer:

Ask for rides at gas stations instead of signalling at the roadside.

Trust your instincts.

Refuse rides from impaired drivers.

Know that hitchhiking at night is more dangerous than during the daytime.

Avoid Tourist Hotspots

Avoid Tourist Hotspots:

Greece can be an expensive country if you stick to the busiest areas, where, to be frank, tourists can often be taken for a bit of a ride. You are far better to avoid the trappings of mass tourism and the fleecing that often accompanies it, and head off the beaten track. Head away from the hoards and you are likely to see prices drop by 30% or more. (Much hyped Mykonos is particularly expensive.)

Tourist Hotspots

Concentrate on the free attractions

Concentrate on the free attractions:

You will undoubtedly want to splurge on visiting a few famous historic attractions but it can be a good idea, if you are travelling on a budget, to concentrate on the numerous attractions in Greece that won't cost you a penny. There are scenic beaches to lounge on, historic settlements and country byways to explore, mountains to climb or long-distance paths to traverse. You can swim in the sea or in rivers, or cycle for miles on stunning trails. Just think of all that beautiful nature out there that you can explore in the lovely sunshine – best of all it can be seen free of charge.

Free Things to do in Greece

1. Go Sightseeing in Greece for Free

2. Stay Overnight in Greece for Free

3. See the Changing of the Guard at the Parliament Building

4. Eat for Free

Finally :)

If you enjoyed reading my hub, Please follow me as i upload daily, (and improve on excising hubs daily) I enjoy taking you around the beautiful world we live in! Any comments about my work is highly appreciated :)

Thank you


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    • traveleze profile imageAUTHOR

      Lee John 

      3 years ago from Preston

      Hi Marilyn Fritz

      Thank you x

    • Marilyn Fritz profile image


      3 years ago from Nevada

      Wow Lee! What an informative and interesting post! I love the photographs you provided, and suggestions on budgeting for travel to this area. I love Greece, and the history is rich in culture and creativity.

      I hope someday to be able to visit along with my husband, and experience the views, culture, and Oceanside!

    • traveleze profile imageAUTHOR

      Lee John 

      3 years ago from Preston

      Hi emmaouthworth

      Thank you highly appreciated, and personally happy you like my work, I agree Hitchhiking can be dodgy at night, i have wrote Hitchhiker's safety in a box which gives tips to be as safe as you can, but as you know theres always a risk.



    • traveleze profile imageAUTHOR

      Lee John 

      3 years ago from Preston

      Hi Thomasjames1992

      Thank you very much yep you can travel there on a cheap budget



    • traveleze profile imageAUTHOR

      Lee John 

      3 years ago from Preston

      Hi Thomasjames1992

      Thank you very much yep you can travel there on a cheap budget



    • emmaouthworth profile image

      Emma Southworth 

      3 years ago from Manchester

      Lovely wrote again and great tips apart from the Hitchhiking one i would never do this just to risky and when you watch all them scary films always feature Hitchhiking! But thanks for the great info

    • Thomasjames1992 profile image

      Thomas James 

      3 years ago from London

      Great hub mate! I want to go away this year but for as cheap as possible!


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