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How to stop poverty in South Africa

Updated on October 29, 2010

I used to think that poverty is only associated with black people but now I have realized that I was wrong. You can see that here in South Africa because it’s a rainbow nation. Meaning we all live together, our children go to the same school, we all use the same clinics, same boardrooms, same trains and even the black and white people are using the same restaurants. All cultures will now sit and dine at the same table in the same restaurant.

In other African countries, people find it strange to be together with a white person (mzungu). Some people even run away when a white person asks for directions in South Africa. I myself used to think that a white person never begs for anything and that they have always been wealthy. But now I have seen that all walks of life can suffer the reign of poverty.

Poverty in South Africa is a largely escalated by diseases. Apartheid government was putting pressure on the black people to stop them from causing an uprising. The government was limiting supplies and housing and activates that black people could do. Black children were not allowed to go to the same school or use the same facilities that white children were using while the black parents were earning a considerably small income.

Poverty can deprive and demoralize people and without confidence people cannot stand up for themselves. In most cases poor people tend to turn to anger and blame others for their suffering. Some people even think of easy ways to end their poverty like stealing, killing and hi jacking. When it comes to this point it is dangerous and these people always end up in jail. Some people do change after the years they spent in prison have corrected their morals. But prison is not a good place to be it can destroy ones pride and dignity. Prisoners are even being murder for their cigarettes.

In an opinion to improve poverty in South Africa one should stay away from the habits of stealing. The little you have is better than nothing and you could always work at your goals to grow it.

It is the government’s responsibility to provide basic services to the people. Not every one could be happy with what they are doing but if you educate people its easy to do the rest. Educating a girl is very important, not to mention boys. Woman needs to know how to take care of their families and men need to know how to protect their family.

Giving beggars money is not good, they will always expect to be spoon fed in the future but if you don’t give the anything they are most likely going be cursing you silently and in black cultures you don’t want to be cursed. An education is the foundation of everything. It’s good for a government to sponsor poor people who are trying their best to get good grades. A good idea would be to issue bursaries and free education to primary students.

Education is the key to stopping poverty in South Africa. So work hard to do your bit in life and contribute to the community as a well educated member of society and not a criminal who need to demoralize the nation.


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    • profile image

      I M 20 months ago

      The South African Government should provide more jobs it will stop

      poverty in SA

    • profile image

      Naeem 3 years ago

      Poverty line.poverty circle

    • profile image

      shama 4 years ago

      i do not believe that it is the poor who are hijacking, robbing and murdering... HOW would they gain access to weapons???

      its not them

      the crime we see today is premeditated crime. the poor would steel things like cloths from lines an thing from the garden.... not cars, money and jewelry....