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How to survive traveling with children on your own

Updated on December 22, 2014

I got Brave, Adventure time...

Holidays are here, which means, a lot of shopping, family time, and traveling. This year, I got brave and decided to ditch the cold weather, and go on a little adventure with my kids. This adventure, involves my husband not being able to join because of work duty, leaving me and my braveness to travel on my own with my darlings, aged 2 and 4. As the days approached I was so excited, sad because of course I will miss my husband, but excited to leave the freezing temperatures behind and enjoy tropical weather in the middle of winter.

The day of our trip quickly arrived, and my excitement had completely turned into pure fear. Fear of getting kicked out of the aircraft because of my 2 year old, or even the plane crashing. Fear of not surviving this trip on my own, or even missing our lay over flight... Its funny how our minds set us up for disaster.

Boarding time...

So there I was, getting ready to board a plane, while my husband stood at the glass wall, waving goodbye and blowing us kisses, I as the super mom I believe myself to be, had my "Oh I got this" mask on, and just acted as laid back as possible, because after all, we are role models. As we boarded the plane, the kids were excited, smiling, giggling, even saying hi to people as they walked the tiny aisle. We took our seats, and there it was, the announcement from the pilot, on how we had been delayed, because of wintry conditions, but we would just wait inside the plane, for one hour. Yes, one hour. At that moment, I took my scarf off, as well as my jacket, my body heat went up quite a bit. All I kept thinking was oh, great, how am I to survive in the plane, with no movement, for an hour, with my kiddos full of energy. Once again the crazy scenarios started coming back into my thoughts.

To my surprise, my kids, didn't mind at all. Other than a few trips to the tiny bathroom, they did amazing, and the moment came to put on our seat belts because it was time to take off...

Lift Off...

Now the airplane was moving slowly, getting ready to take position to take off, and once again, I started to think "Its take off time, they are going to be terrified and I can't sit them on my lap to calm them down" And I have to laugh while writing this, because once again, when the plane gained speed and took off, my kids started to giggle, and proved me wrong.

The flight was a success, other than a few small tantrums (caused by the urge for more orange juice) I was extremely proud of them. They stayed busy, and even though we watched frozen over 2 times in a row, they were happy, they were calm, no screaming and minimum if any kicking the seat in the front. As for me, I was the one stressed the whole time, because of all the fake scenarios I created in my head.

It is all about keeping them busy. They had their leapfrogs as well as their lap top, snacks, and of course that child curiosity of being able to see the clouds and all the animal shape in them!

I survived!!

So after such a smooth flight we finally arrived and are having a great time. Once again, in this adventure, I realize how much our minds can create fear, or stress for something that hasn't happened yet. The more in tune you are with your thoughts, the less stress you have to deal with. Flying with children on your own, maybe a bit scary, may cause a bit of stress, but if you are ready, and keep the excitement there, it will be so much better than imagined! We can do anything, we the right energy. Now time to enjoy this beautiful heat, and who knows, maybe plan another trip soon!


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