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How to travel the world with just your adsense earnings!

Updated on January 20, 2011

Adsense earnings can help you fulfil your dreams!

What if I told you that with just an hour of your time a day you could travel the world with just your AdSense earnings? No working long hours behind a bar or years of dreaming. No travelling the world but feeling guilty as your savings slowly get used up. You'd probably think that I was a dreamer right? Well I'm convinced that by the time you finish this article you'll be inspired to give it a try.

Now lets be clear, this isnt a get rich quick scheme. Im not going to make you rich overnight im afraid. I worked for several years travelling professionally before returning home and focusing on my online work. I think that makes me well placed to explain how AdSense earnings can help you fulfill your travel ambitions.

Oh but wait, I haven't told you the best bit yet! Your AdSense earnings wont just pay for your travelling, it will give you something to come home to; a residual income that with a little maintenance could last you for years. Think of the alternative; you work hard balancing two jobs to pay for your trip, you have an extended period travelling and come home to no savings and no job. Think how much better your holiday will feel if you come home with your savings untouched and a residual income to help you out with the bills. This is highly achievable if you follow my plan "how to travel the world with just your AdSense earnings."

Office with a view...Working on your adsense earnings

Lets get real for a moment about your Adsense earnings!

Ok its time for a reality check. Stop dreaming of your five star hotels in Dubai and exclusive chalets in Whistler. Like I said this isn't a get rich quick scheme, its a realistic plan to funding your travel with AdSense earnings. By travelling I'm expecting you to be the kind of person that wants to travel to immerse themselves in local culture, to experience it from the local restaurants, transport and family run hotels. Are you aware that you could travel much of Latin America with just a budget of $25 per day? I did, for years. Yes you'll want to spend more occasionally on excursions, but, you can balance this with quiet days on the beach or trekking in the mountains when you'll need no income at all.

Still reading? Good! Now, what is this going to take? How hard are you going to have to work for it? Well here is my proposal. Lets assume you want to travel for six months! Six months will cover a continent like South America just about....If you want to see it PROPERLY that is!

One hour a day for six months. That is the price you are going to have to pay I'm afraid. One hour a day for six months and then average one hour day for the time you are away. It only has to be an average, so you could just choose to spend six days enjoying yourself and one day with a coffee in an Internet cafe maintaining your adsense earnings.

Getting started with your adsense earnings - some simple maths!

 OK so for the sake of showing a working example lets make some assumptions. You want to travel South America for six months. I've told you that you can do that with an average budget of $25 a day, so your AdSense earnings need to hit $750 a month. An intimidating target but achievable. Remember you'll be building up to this amount for six months, generating AdSense earnings as you go along. These earnings can be put to one side to get you started, buy that first bus ticket or help offset your earnings in the first couple of months of travelling if you haven't quite hit your AdSense earnings target yet.


Inspiration for your next AdSense Earnings?
Inspiration for your next AdSense Earnings?

What do I have to do?

Would you believe me if I told you this article only took me an hour to create and a little time on research? Well it did, and this article and many others I have will go on creating me income for years to come. Very little at first, but slowly building to a usable residual income created by my adsense earnings.

To achieve your adsense earnings, im proposing that you write your own articles. Write one a day and spend two hours a week on research, marketing your articles and researching for new ones. These articles cost you nothing to write, like I said, this isnt a get rich quick scam, just a plan to get you travelling the world from just your adsense earnings.

Join Hubpages Now

I wont go into details about how to write the articles, join hubpages (the format ive used for this article) and there are dozens of well written guides for you to use by other hubbers.

So for six months you are writing well written articles, learinng all the time and by the time your six months of preperation is over you will have 130 articles generating AdSense earnings. It is unlikely that you'll have hit your $750 a month income yet but you will have been steadily earning, seeing your residual income grow over the past six months.

Now to keep up the good work. Set aside time during your travel to find an Internet cafe and write another article. Five a week plus a couple of hours of research. That's perfectly feasible. Every week your income will be growing and growing. Instruct someone at home to pay in your AdSense earnings cheques to keep the cash flowing!

By the end of six months of preparation and six months of travelling you will have over 250 articles making you money every month. Not only will you come home with fantastic memories and your savings intact, you'll also have your new AdSense earnings to kick start your future.

Travel the world with just your AdSense earnings!

Now I don't expect you to take my word for it, you've read dozens of false promises and hundreds of scams haven't you? Well why not take a look at some of the Hubpage Success Stories and see just how realistic this plan can be!




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