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How i started traveling the world And Makeing money online

Updated on May 29, 2016

How i started

One day a friend of mine came to me and said me do you now that has many ways to make money online ... ?

I was very surprised by that and immediately i strated asking more and more people how to make money online

On account of the work I set in the course of the last couple of years I have produced over a million dollars from the Web.

I obtained a half million dollar internal city loft in Brisbane Australia , when I purchased another flat in Toronto Canada, where I right now live.

I've additionally utilized the benefits from my online journal business to buy speculation properties, a fresh out of the box new BMW auto and backing my folks.

Since my business is 100% on the web, I much of the time pack up my portable PC, get on a plane and venture to the far corners of the planet.

In one excursion I did a complete circle around the planet, beginning in Fiji, then Hawaii, Vancouver, Toronto, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, Winnipeg, Montreal, Quebec, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples, Athens, Dubai, Singapore and after that back to Australia.

All the more as of late I moved from Australia to Canada, going through Hong Kong, Tokyo, LA, San Diego, then living in San Francisco for three months, Vancouver for a month, lastly settling in Toronto.

While at home I spend a few hours a day composing on my portable workstation at bistros, and whatever remains of the time I do whatever I like, including tennis, suppers out with companions, skating, motion pictures, perusing, chipping away at new tasks, excursions to nature and here and there nothing by any stretch of the imagination.

On the off chance that you set up the right sort of Web business, you increase budgetary opportunity and time flexibility, which is something the vast majority just dream about, particularly in the event that you at present have a normal everyday employment that you loathe.

I started my blog

Before starting my blog i asked myselfs some questions ... !

If we met at a coffee shop and I asked you to tell me about yourself, what would you say? so my blog will be open for all

Now pretend your 1st post is that conversation – share who you are, what you do and why. Don’t worry about bragging, just show why you believe you’re qualified to do your job.

Do you have a lot of happy customers? Are you known for great service? How much experience and education do you have? Do you speak at industry events or conferences? Had anything published? Won awards? If you’ve been featured in the press, include that as well.

Add links to your social profiles (that you use professionally), as they give potential customers another place to interact with you. And if you have a photo of you doing your job, include it! Visuals help tell (and sell) your story.

and my first blog was about technology& food i started writeing and writen there, my visitors became multiply day by day .

and after 1 year me incresas where 5000$ Great or not ?

This was my first succesful year and i started leaving my dream .

Place of miracles

Do you like makeing money and traveling

See results

9 ways i started to make money online

As a writer who has been writing online since 2005, I’ve run across – and tried – plenty of varied ways to make money online. I’ve seen the scams and been blessed by discovering legitimate ways to make money online.

Here are 9 unique ways to earn some cash via the Internet:

1. Amazon: Publish your own Kindle books

Real people who love writing and marketing are finding that they can publish their own digital books directly to Amazon using their Kindle Direct Publishing platform. Take for instance blogger Thomas Strock, who made $6,716.05 in one month alone from all his Kindle books. Not bad for an 18-year-old.

2. Google AdSense: Set up your own niche websites

I love reading the way that Spencer Haws – not the basketball player, but the webmaster – sets up websites focused around a variety of topics and then places Google AdSense ads on them to make money.

3. YouTube: Make money via video ads

If you know your way around your smartphone’s video feature, try to earn a $4 million per year like vlogger PewDiePie by uploading interesting videos to and monetizing them, praying they go viral.

4. Squidoo: Write interesting articles

There’s a noteworthy monetary trail on Virginia Allain’s Squidoo page that shows how her income has climbed and fallen over the years. As of August 2014, she made $676 for the month via the site.

5: iTunes App Store: Sell your own app

You don’t even need to be as technically inclined as Harlan Yee, a developer who made nearly $500 in July 2014 from his mobile apps. Even if you don’t know how to code apps, you can hire developers on sites like Elance to code them for you.

6. Upwork: Hawk your words

Speaking of Elance, the husband and wife team – Troy and Valerie Mellema – who run their “Words You Want” freelance writing business on the site, show current earnings of more than $450,000 over the past 12 months. Enough said.

7. eBay: Sell things around your house – or buy things to sell for higher prices

Tons of people have turned to to make extra cash. Simply search through the “sold” listings to see the kinds of items that have sold recently and for how much. Whether you start off as a smaller seller like this blogger Yolanda, who is using her eBay profits to pay off her student loans – or whether you become a big player who buys shoes en masse and resells them for a profit, if you like selling and shipping stuff, give it a try.

8. Fiverr: Make money of just about any talent

If you scroll through the most popular sellers on, you’ll note that they make money by offering everything from voiceover work to Photoshop skills.

9. iStockPhoto: Upload your photos, videos and illustrations for earnings

If you have a penchant for taking pics or drawing vector illustrations and the like, you can sell them as stock artwork on sites like iStockPhoto, where you’ll see that exclusive contributors and sellers like Beach Cottage Photography have experienced loads of downloads.

The Method To Earn $50-$100 Through Affiliate Marketing

The 100% working method to earn money with affiliate marketing is here. It is so simple and easy with fast and guaranteed results upon your hard work.

First of all, you’ll need a blog. I think most of you already have it. You need a little 100 daily visitors to your blog. If you don’t have a blog, then first create it and write unique articles to generate traffic. Reaching 100 visitors daily isn’t much hard for any of you.

Now create a eBook for your blog. This is the most important factor in this process. You have to create an eBook which is really totally unique. It must attract your readers.

Write an eBook with great information about your niche, which audience all over world wants for FREE.

For doing this, create a very catchy cover and make the title of eBook a bit spicy.

If you can’t write an eBook then you can outsource it from others too. They are many writers available there. It may be a bit expensive. So better you write by your own.

After creating eBook, it’s time to create a landing page for your blog. A landing page is where your visitors lands, and that page attracts the visitor and makes him give his email/buy the ebook/subscribe to your blog etc.

Different landing pages have different proposes to convert. For this process, you need that visitor to provide you his genuine email address. In return you’ll give the report/eBook to him for free.

Ways t make money and travel are ..
3.affiliate network
For other knowledge follow me this day i will be postin most powerful article about makeing money online stay here


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