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Hull City

Updated on March 8, 2011

Hull City Centre

Hull city centre.
Hull city centre. | Source

Hull City Centre

As a Hull citizen for as long as I can remember it has it's good points and it's bad points, the best thing about Hull is the city centre with it's range of shopping places and shopping centres and quiet cafes in the old town situated past White Friar Gate which is sign posted by Princes Quay the shopping centre that's been there for years that I hardly ever seem to shop in.

The town centre is full of many shops and attractions that we forget they are there, like the fish trail which if you follow it you can be lead all around the town and past the old marina, of course like any good walkabout there are a range of good pubs on the way. If you're lucky you might bump into Dave The Rave who is a local care in the community whacko who slaps himself in the face and says "Them Teddy Boys" all the time, he can be identified by a bag he carries with him everywhere with the odd shouting that he does when he gets stressed, it's not his fault bless him!, but I do wonder if he's being looked after properly?!

There are numerous sandwich shops like Greggs and Subway scattered about and it's these shops that are usually quite busy and McDonalds! forget going in there it is always packed out even if it's not a school holiday or weekend the place is filled up with people having their fill of big mac, fries and puny burgers like that. I went in there the other week on half term with my son and it was all hectic behind the counter as McDonalds staff were directed by a young spotty manager who looked stressed like he was going to have a heart attack.

If eating out's not your thing, then why not take a nice picnic and go to Queens Gardens on a nice day the Gardens are a great place to sit and think and reflect on all of your daily troubles, take a look at the large fountain in the photo below and see the Google map for directions top this magnificent place of solitude, just ignore the odd drunk that starts shouting, that'll be me coming out of the pub!

Queens Gardens Hull

The fountain at the front of Queens Gardens.
The fountain at the front of Queens Gardens. | Source

Queens Gardens Satellite View

Hull City Centre Queens Gardens Road Map

Queens Gardens

Queens Gardens can be found if you follow the long road Anlaby Road well past the main Hospital Hull Royal Infirmary and as you enter town centre you just keep going right on down Anlaby Road which then turns into Carr Lane, you'll see the fountain first.

Queens Gardens Fountain

A nice sunny day in Hull City centre at the fountain in Queens Gardens.
A nice sunny day in Hull City centre at the fountain in Queens Gardens. | Source

Other Hull Attractions

 There is an Ice Arena and a Cinema and yes more shops opposite them just along St Andrews Quay which if you follow the Marina with all the nice boats moored in the dirty Marina you'll come to this fantastic shop and leisure area. Now I haven't been ice skating for years not since someone ran over my fingers because he thought he was a super skater and he was just a tosser (I don't bare grudges! not even after 14 bloody years the ice skating buffoon!)

The ice arena can be a good place to go if you like ice skating, but it may not be for some, so the Odeon Cinema might be your next best bet. I took my son to see Transformers 2 a couple of years ago and I often go by myself so that I don't have to share my popcorn (Well it's my human right to be a greedy pig!) and so I can watch it in peace as during the day when school kids are at the best place for them - School I can chill out and watch a good film with only a granny at the back falling asleep and some lonely nerd at the front drooling over the special effects in the movie and dreaming he was in the movie with Megan Fox...Oh wait a minute, that's me, oh well!

I buy my sweets at my local corner shop as they are cheaper than the Cinema made popcorn and over priced stuff and anyones mobile phone goes off whilst the film is in play I remeber it for when I leave the Cinema I wait until they are right behind me and I let all of my windy pops fly and leave them stuck in a temporary fart gas cloud to which they feel sickened by.

Apart from the shops there isn't much else. Hull College is right at the back of Queens Gardens as it has always been and the Hull Theatre is not far away. That theatre I only went to once with school and we went to see Keith Harris and Orvil the Duck which was ....erm great!

Take a look at some museums if you like in Hull as they are free and oh yeah I forgot to mention the The Ferens Art Gallery as I do go in there quite a lot due to the fact of me being an arty type who needs quiet every now and then. The Ferens is home to many permanent works of art with also new exhibitions from students and local artists being commissioned on a regular basis.

When I was at college I went there with school and there was some utter madness art exhibitions going on, one of which consisted of a large wooden shed with a TV screen within it and some replay of this bloke repeating the bizarre phrases " OOh ra na! and ah yes, please let me not forget the also very bizarre and odd arrangement of yoghurt pots painted green on strings and the title of the piece was called something like Evergreen Telephone Some art students must have a lot of time on their hands if they are creating this utter pants art masterpieces.


My Son's Expression Of Hull In A Nutshell


Hull City Museum

Hull City

 Hull City is probably like any other city it is blighted by vandalism and on the night drunken fools who cause chaos on the streets of the town wee in doorways of local shops so if you smell a faint whiff of wee after coming out of a sandwich shop make sure you wash your hands after touching that door leading out of the shop.

Hull isn't that bad, but when you've lived here all of your life, the stress takes it's toll and you just have to think of your exit strategy and move away from Council estates and places that are targeted by youths with nothing better to do.

Look beyond the city's chaos and you'll find some gems amidst the town that was once voted England's top most worst est places to live.

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Hull City Centre

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    • waynet profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Tully 

      7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Well they do get rid of good things in place of shite things!

    • BRIAN SLATER profile image

      Brian Slater 

      7 years ago from England

      hey wayne just checked it google- wiki mentions botanic grds must have been there,now long gone.

    • waynet profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Tully 

      7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Nah best not to mention Hull Shitty I mean City! lol! botanical gardens? I'm not sure if they are in Hull I ain't seen any anyway!

    • BRIAN SLATER profile image

      Brian Slater 

      7 years ago from England

      hi-wayne found this by accident but enjoyed your city tour. Not a mention of your footie team, I wonder why, lol Are the Botanical gardens still there? I 'm sure I went there 30+ years ago.

    • waynet profile imageAUTHOR

      Wayne Tully 

      7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Cheers there!

      Hull is great for education that's why people from all over the world come to Hull college and Universities, which sort of explains the fact that they disappear and leave and never come back and we are left with the dreggs who can't be bothered to educate themselves, all be it a small minority who actually care about education!

    • Azure11 profile image

      Marian L 

      7 years ago from UK

      I went to uni in Hull about 20 years ago and I have to say I loved it! Haven't been back since though as it is one of those places you don't really visit unless you have a particularly good reason!


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