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Hurricane Irene - the satellite never lies

Updated on October 27, 2012

US Islands hit by Irene

Hurricane Irene -Targets East Coast Aug, 25th 2011 Reports

Hurricane Irene is on it's way as the east coast residents brace for it's powerful impact, the projected path for this massive storm is the rim of the east coast, and is said to possibly miss hitting Florida altogether by weather forecasters.

Puerto Rico was hit, Bahamas & many other tropical islands causing flooding, and other damages taking down power lines & leaving 1,000,000's of people without power. We are all praying that Irene will not touch down by making land fall in the East Coast of the US with over 80 million people in it's path.

News reports are currently being developed to follow the storms path & so that people can be informed as to what if any are the evacuation plans for all affected area's.

Please be advised that hurricane Irene has been labeled as a category 3 hurricane thus far & is considered to be a major destructive storm. If your living in the path of this storm make sure to keep watch for your latest local, and regional news reports.

We urge people not to take this storm lightly, due to the unpredictable nature in which it's force can cause a severe destructive blow to the Eastern Sea board regions.

ABC News Report

Evacuation Plans

What to do when a hurricane is projected to hit your geographic area, and is there any web resources that may help you?

Yes there's a great deal of internet resources out here to find for disaster planning & relief efforts, people need to definitely plan ahead. Contact your state's emergency management website such as FEMA & local or regional websites for up to date info on the disaster plans for your area.

You should also pay attention to the updated news forecast, which should state the current storms status, location, and newly projected paths so an idea as to where it should be making land fall next.

This is not something to take lightly, due to the extreme drastic effects of a storm of such magnitude, everyone in these affected area's should plan far ahead as to what they need to get through the storm, in case the word is given by local authorities to actually evacuate.

Irene's Image


Things to do for preparedness of this massive Hurricane - 48 hours in advance

  • Get water, flash lights, first aid supplies, food, and clothing should be prepared at least 48 hours before such a storm should hit any location.
  • Make sure not to wait till the last minute to get things together, because supplies can and will run low as the the time for possible land fall gets closer.
  • People shouldn't panic or act carelessly, please try to be wise by reporting to any disaster shelters near by if you haven't yet decided to evacuate your town, city, or local area when government officials make the call to do so if need be.
  • Locate local shelters if at all possible so if, and when the storm makes land fall you won't be in a greater venerable position.
  • Plan an escape route in advance, not at the last minute if told to evacuate.

Note: All elderly people need assistance, as well as families with children so please be advised to try to help others in need if you can. To development an effective emergency action plan, takes time to put together, so if & when you do so, it will definitely help in making the possible threat have less of an impact on your ability to endure it's destructive force & the relief efforts that may follow can go a lot more smoother. No one knows how powerful this potential storm will get as it is projected to strike the North Carolina Coast.

PBS News Hour - Special Report

Bahamas Damage

Irene's extreme 100 miles per hour winds have left it's mark felt across the Island of the Bahamas, this brutal Hurricane shows no mercy as it steers towards North Carolina where over 200,000 people have been forced to evacuate. The damages to the Bahamas is severe, leaving power lines down, massive flooding damage. Let's all pray for a speedy recovery there for all the victims who have suffered any loses there, and the other Islands, as well as neighboring locations hit by Irene's severe impact.

Space View Of Irene

North Carolina - Was in harms way & more

On Aug 26th 2011, The Eastern portion of North Carolina is expected to receive the first land fall of the massive category 3 Hurricane, over 200,000 people were under mandatory evacuations yesterday morning through the afternoon. Hopefully everyone heeded to the words of local public officials as well as the US Government.

A state of emergency was issued for all of the neighboring coastal cities, states & towns within the path of Irene's projected land fall. The severity of this vicious storm is real, the build up of the storms force is still unpredictable due to the tropical energy build up, as it swept across the lower tropical regions of North America.

Every level of government, city, & state law officials are on 24hour storm watch, to determine when if any further evacuation orders need to be released to the public, stand by and take heed to your local news for briefs, special reports, & current storm statistics to determine whats the timely reality of your own situational awareness.

Don't plan at the last minute if you in a disaster zone, which has already been designated by numerous reports that's been put out already. Below are some resources to see if your area has been put in a potential danger zones, from the projected path of Hurricane Irene.

Make sure to have an affective action plan in place, because they are saying that the potential damage from hurricane Irene is unpredictable for all locations on the East Coast, especially those Coastal locations.

These were the area's in the path of Irene by state

North Carolina, Virginia, Washington DC, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Boston, Connecticut, New England, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Maryland.

Note: Each of the states shown above were the possible disaster zones area's & are the official government website locations of emergency management assistance, for any further information & assistance if & when it's needed.

Make sure to collect phone numbers if anything for disaster relief efforts, in case your area gets hit severely, this way you at least have a land line communication to help you & your family. Expected massive scale power outages, down trees and coastal flooding, as well as other unpredictable possible damages.

Important online resources for hurricane preparedness and evacuations:

- National Hurricane Center

- National Hurricane Operations

- Phone Listings - ***Important ***

- Disaster Recovery Center Locator- FEMA

- American Red Cross (Hurricane relief)

- Hurricane Evacuation Zone Finder

Governer of NC (Evacuation Orders)

New York City Evacuation Plans

The mayor of New York City Mayor Bloomberg, has decided to deliver an address on CNN for evacuation efforts to be put into action for many area's on the coastal area's including Long Island, Far Rockaway, & all the low lining areas, it is advised to heed to these directives. This is a current updated status on what people should do in New York City. The MTA has stated that most services in all forms of transit will be shut down by tomorrow Aug 27, 2011 Saturday at 12pm est. People have been given a mandatory evacuation order in what they calling Zone A , Far Rockaway, Coney Island, Battery Park City in Manhattan, so people need to follow this address to the public.

- State by state developments on Hurricane Irene


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks everyone, I' glad Irene wasn't as bad as they projected, but for many of its victims I do pray for the families who've suffered any loses.

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 6 years ago from London, UK

      Great Hub - I was worried for America when this was all over the news. I hope "Angry Irene" dosen't return but if she does, people can refer to this life saving Hub.

      Ps. I always wonder why they give Hurricane's ladies names....

    • tlpoague profile image

      Tammy 6 years ago from USA

      Welcome to HubPages! Terrific hub! I will be praying for you and those on the coast. Keep us posted. I just heard it distroyed 90 percent of the homes in part of the Bahamas. Tuck in tight! Looking forward to reading more.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks for the warm welcome, yes I plan to get to the stores and stock up on supplies today, just in case the storm becomes far more intense as well as possible touch down over here in New York City. I'm also near the water in Queens so I hope it blows elsewhere into the Atlantic Ocean, lets pray that god spares us all. Tnks again for the kind word's.

    • StayPos profile image

      StayPos 6 years ago from Florida, USA


      Good Hub!

      Yes, Irene should be on every East coaster’s radar!

      Let us definitely be in prayer that its path is directed way from population centers!

      Also, I would add prayers for the people in the Caribbean region of which it passed over.

      On another note Welcome to Hubpages!