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Living in Hutto, Texas

Updated on September 16, 2018
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Sydney Spence has been writing online since 2008 and enjoys learning about new topics and creating content on what she has learned.

Welcome to Hutto, Texas

HUTTO, TX - You know the major cities of Texas. Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio get all the attention. But sometimes, it's the overlooked smaller towns that are often more affordable, have a greater sense of community, and rise to the occasion when it comes time to call on a neighbor. Nestled in the middle of all these major cities lies one of the best small towns to call home, Hutto, Texas. Population, 23,832 as of 2016, and growing.

Located to the northeast of Austin, Texas, Hutto is part of Williamson County and was established in 1876 when the International-Great Northern Railroad passed through land owned by James Emory Hutto.

This area has had an explosion in population in recent years and has watched developments increase the appeal for those looking to escape the chaos of the big city but remain close enough to work and play.

Hutto Subdivisions

If you are considering a move to Hutto but aren't sure what area you want to live, here is a list of all the subdivisions you'll want to know about. Extensive details on each are available at

  • Hutto Parke
  • Hutto Highlands
  • Carmel Creek (NEW)
  • Emory Farms
  • Riverwalk
  • Star Ranch
  • Brushy Creek
  • Legends of Hutto
  • Carol Meadows
  • Glenwood
  • Country Estates
  • Clarks Crossing
  • Strum Park
  • The Cottonwood
  • Hutto Towne Square
  • Creekside Estates
  • Lakeside Estates

Hutto Schools

The district is maintained by the Hutto Indpendent School District and maintains six Elementary Schools, two Middle Schools, and one High School. The elementary schools in Hutto are Cottonwood Elementary, Hutto Elementary, Nadine Johnson Elementary, Veterans Hill Elementary, and Norman Elementary. The middle schools in Hutto include grades 6th through 8th and are Hutto Middle School and Farley Middle School. There is one high school in the middle of town, Hutto High School.

Hutto is also home to the Eastern Williamson County Higher Education Center which is the home base for Temple Junior College, Texas A&M University-Central Texas, and Texas State Technical College.

Closest Cities to Hutto

You'll find Hutto off Highway 79 and conveniently located near Round Rock, Georgetown, and Taylor with Cedar Park, Bastrop, and Pflugerville close by. Austin is about a 25 minute drive to reach the city limits but will take close to an hour to reach downtown or south depending on if you take the toll road from Hutto, which is I30.

Henrietta the Hippo
Henrietta the Hippo | Source

Things to Do in Hutto, Texas

Hutto may be a small town compared to it's neighboring City of Austin but, there's still plenty to do if you find yourself in the area or considering a move here.

Go Hippo Hunting (Not the real kind) | Find all the concrete hippos throughout town using the interactive map! There are over 3000!

Take a Walk in Downtown Hutto | Downtown Hutto is reminiscent of the good ole days. Spend a couple of hours visiting downtown. Take in the aesthetic architecture, have lunch, and stop by the candy shop.

Star Ranch Gold Course | Star Ranch Gold Course is perfect for the avid golfer, those just learning the game, and anyone looking for a relaxing time.

Take a Short Hike | Cottonwood Trail is a great experience for residents of all ages if you enjoy a brisk walk.

Stop for a Photo Opp | The Welcome to Hutto Mural was painted by local artist Suzanne Huser. Take a photo of your visit at 101 East Street.

See Henrietta | Visit Henrietta the Hippo, the 14,000 pound concrete hippo, where she resides on East Street.


Places to Eat in Hutto, Texas

614 West Highway 79
(512) 846-1761
Hutto Donuts
110 US Highway 79 DONUTS
(512) 846-2828
Heart of Texas BBQ
206 Farley St
(512) 230-0717
608 W Hwy 79
(512) 846-1058
560 US-79
(512) 846-2430
Rio Grande
560 U.S. 79
(512) 759-1449
143 Exchange Blvd #400
(512) 642-5019
718 US-79
(512) 541-9739
Papa Johns
125 Ed Schmidt Blvd #220
(512) 846-1322
Texan Cafe
207 East St
(512) 846-2885
712 Highway 79 West
(512) 846-2492
Golden Chick
405 Farm to Market 685
(512) 846-2312
Double Dave's Pizza
625 Chris Kelley Boulevard, Suite B
(512) 642-3959
Pizza Hut
143 Exchange Blvd
(512) 642-4415
560 US-79 A300
(512) 759-1799
For more, visit

Restaurants that Deliver to Hutto

Great Wall Express
4500 E Palm Valley Blvd Round Rock, Texas 78665
(512) 388-9885
Happy Dragon Chinese Bistro
661 Louis Henna Blvd Round Rock, Texas 78664
(512) 828-3321
Mama Fu's Asian House
2250 E Palm Valley Blvd Ste 215 Round Rock, TX 78665
(512) 982-5824
Snuffy's | Source

Parks in Hutto, Texas

Enjoy spending time in the great outdoors? Hutto has plenty of options for you to choose from in the way of city parks. Enjoy a picnic, basketball, lake time, volleyball, playscapes, and more!

Glenwood Splash Pad

101 Fishbaugh Drive

Monday - Sunday 10am-8pm | Open to the public June 1st through Labor Day weekend. Reservations are available upon request. Call 512-759-4000

Hutto Lake Park

805 Estate Drive

Pavilion & Picnic Sites, Playground, Basketball Court, Boat Launch Dock, Bird Watching Platform, Trail

Creekside Park

305 Orchard Way

Picnic Sites, Playground, Practice Fields, Trail

Country Estates Park

514 S. Pauley Dr

Pavilion & Picnic Sites, Playground, Basketball Court

Fritz Park

400 Park Street

Pavilion & Picnic Sites, Basketball & Sand Volleyball Courts, Horseshoe Pits, Reflection Pond, Trail

Just Down the Road from Hutto

Dell Diamond

One of America’s oldest traditions has a home in Round Rock, Texas at the famous Dell Diamond, official home to the Round Rock Express. Baseball enthusiasts will enjoy season passes to the home games while the general public also enjoys other events that take place throughout the year with concerts, carnivals and more. It is also the entrance to the Trail of Lights in December. Visit for more information.

Hawaiian Falls

Another refreshing place to visit during the hot summer months in Texas is Hawaiian Falls Waterpark. Located where Pflugerville meets Round Rock, near the 130 Toll Road, you’ll find Hawaiian Falls Waterpark with tons of water slides, wading pools, games, food, and so much more. Visit to learn more.

Innerspace Caverns

One of those places where the beginning of time meets present-day man. There are tours available for all ages, deep beneath the Earth’s surface. Above ground, you’ll find food workshops, and even animals! Visit them online to learn more at

Pflugerville Lake

Opened in 2006, Pflugerville Lake is a man-made lake that sits on over 180-acres of prime land in the northern portion of Pflugerville. Bring the canopy, as there isn’t a lot of shade, but the water will keep you cool. Complete with a 3.1-mile trail surrounding the lake, areas for fishing, and kayaking or jet skiing. The incorporated beach area will have you feeling like you’ve travelled to the coast of Texas. It’s the perfect getaway for a day trip, bathing in the sun, and just having some good ole fun.

Round Rock Outlet Mall

Open 7 days a week, Round Rock Outlet Mall is home to many wonderful, name brand stores like Coach, Calvin Klein, Disney Store, Aeropostale, Bath & Body Works, Converse, and many more. You’ll also find activities for the kids and plenty of places to eat when you need to take a break from all that shopping. Visit and find the Round Rock location for a day full of shopping and fun.


Locate a Hippo

Driving through the streets of Hutto, Texas, you are bound to find yard after yard has a stone Hippo in the front yard, each with it's own style. Not to worry, the town hasn't been invaded. We love our Hippos! The Chamber of Commerce found a creative and fun way for residents to show their city (and team) spirit, while raising funds for the city! Visit to see photos of some of the hippos.

Hutto Chamber of Commerce
Hutto Chamber of Commerce | Source

Chamber of Commerce

The Hutto Chamber is Commerce is a fantastic resource for local events, entertainment, and so much more. It's also the place to visit if you are interested in owning your own concrete hippo. You'll find the Hutto Chamber of Commerce at 122 E Street, Hutto, TX 78634 or call them at (512) 759-4400.

Moving to Hutto, Texas

Once you've chosen to call Hutto home, there are a few things to know to make your move a little easier. (You still have to unpack though.)


Within the City of Hutto, residents are in an unregulated area and are allowed to choose the electric provider of your choice. is a great place to compare electric providers.

For water, contact the City of Hutto Utility Billing, 401 W Front Street, Hutto, TX 78634, (512) 759-4055 OR Jonah Water SUD, 4050 FM1660, Hutto, TX 78634, (512) 759-1286.

Updating Your Address

The Post Office is conveniently located at 388 Exchange Blvd, Hutto, TX 78634. Across the street from the fire station. Their number is 512-759-2966 but you'll do better to visit them online at to update your address for a $1 fee.

Don't Forget

Update your driver’s license. You have about 30 days from the time you move to update your driver’s license with the local DMV.

Update your information with the credit card companies. Not only do you want to make sure your accounts are up to date, updating your address will also help in keeping your credit report updated.

Update address with bank. Your bank accounts also need to have the correct information when it comes to your address. It is Federal Law.

Where is Hutto, Texas?


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    • sydneyspence profile imageAUTHOR

      Sydney Spence 

      9 months ago from Austin Texas

      Hippos are the mascot of Hutto, TX!

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      10 months ago from USA

      I love those hippos and wonder why hippos all over town?

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      10 months ago from Olympia, WA

      This is the type of article that would do quite well with a small local or regional magazine....print or online. They would gobble it up if you presented it to them. Very well written, my friend.


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