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I Went Out Today: Nature Walk

Updated on November 8, 2016

I went for a walk

I like taking little walks, so I decided to take one today- They can do you some good, especially in the morning (just my opinion). So- I took my breakfast, put on an old T-shirt, some faded jeans and a pair of very old brown leather casual shoes and set out. This was only meant to be a short walk around my place, but I ended up walking around the small town for about 3 good hours- It was all worth it.

I saw this large tree along the way, and loved it. It was different from all the others- Very tall, thin branches and small leaves. Then I continued walking along the winding road and the different types of trees and plants on either side of the road caught my attention. I found it to be a very beautiful sight. So I did what every other person in this generation does when they come along something they like- Yeah, I took pictures and short clips.

I liked this

I met people along the way, said hello; I saw couples walking around the green environment, they seemed happy; I came across goats, donkeys and cows getting themselves a little morning snack of the very green, fresh grass, they seemed satisfied; I came along some kids who’d woken up early to run around and play outside, they couldn't be happier, I thought to myself. This was a beautiful morning, I loved it.

An hour or so passed, and I found myself along the railroad: Gracefully winding across the trees and bushes. It wound all the way and disappeared in to the think bushes- A beautiful sight. I took pictures. There were a few beautiful homes along the railroad; all surrounded by different types of beautiful trees and various other plants - I would love to have a place of my own as such; I thought to myself. Maybe a few years down the line- It wouldn't be so far. Not farfetched either. I could see myself there. About two hours had passed by now, and I was now walking along the busy main road; A good winding road with trees and homes on either side. Sure, it was all noisy from all the cars and Lorries passing by, but it was all beautiful. I loved it.

Limuru- My small lovely town- It is mostly cold, misty and when it rains it pours. With the ever increasing tree cover and the green all over, it couldn't be more perfect from my point of view. For me, it is the perfect environment. I get to hear birds singing on my window in the morning, butterflies flying around and donkeys just lazing around- Yes, I love donkeys :)


It is all a lovely picture until you come across trash that is increasingly being disposed every other place. The lovely small town is no increasingly becoming a dump site for all sorts of garbage. Large sacks full of all sorts of garbage you can image from plastic paper bags and plastic materials to old clothing and other types of waste are carelessly being dumped on various private property and even roadsides. This has resulted in an awful smell in some areas of the lovely small town, which may grow to become a complete disaster.

Treadmill of Production

According to the Treadmill of Production (1980) by Allan Schnaiberg, capitalism has for a long time resulted in the exploitation of the environment for resources, which are required for production in order to meet the needs of consumers. While the over- exploitation of the environment for resources does have it negative impacts, this entire process of production results in vast amounts of waste from used products, which in some areas, like my home town are carelessly disposed of everywhere.

Spider in a cup

My issue here is with the careless disposal of waste products. In the event that this trend continues, it will result in harmful effects on our lovely ecosystem, ultimately causing increased incidents of diseases particularly among children. I loved the trees, I loved the long grass, and I loved the tea farms and seeing animals go about their thing during my little walk, but I hated the careless disposal of waste around my small lovely town.

Let everyone sweep in front of his own door and the whole world will be clean” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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