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JEEPNEY JOkes - I keep coming back to Manila!!!

Updated on August 14, 2012


I know I hurt you, everytime I leave. It hurts me too leaving you, you have been a part of me. In fact you had made me whole as a person and as what I am now today. I had all my fun and laughter with you and I'd shown you all my dreams and ambitions, somehow took part on building them for me. I always make promises that I'd come back soon, to see you again and stay for a little while. Maybe a night with you or even days, I care so much for you and I don't mind what other say against you. You're my only one, and you keep me coming back for more....


I would love to come back to you soon, Manila. Simply no place like you could make me feel the excitement of again embracing the real me! The warm smile of your people who crowds the streets and alleys, long after a busy day still find time to smile and say hello to stangers and always ready to help lost wandrers. Friendly stangers along the way raoming in the city.

God, I miss your golden sunset along the bay, that everyone admires as they go hand in hand by the shore, some lovers lean to each other, telling their sweet nothings and wrap their arms to each other while your breeze blows just perfect to add a sense of romance in the air. I enjoy seeing some old couples doing their stretches and others simply relaxes and try to get the pleasure of the scene for some reason they could cherish while still on your grounds. Your harbor lights romaticize the evening as being glanced from love boats while having dinner or sipping champagne.

JEEPNEY- King of the Road...

Knowing you could very easy boarding my favorite transporter- the jeepney. A few peso could bring me to some interesting places, very colorful and creatively designed passenger vehile as indeed a king whose cape always left behind for some extraordinary ride. Courteous natives willing to hand over my fare to the jolly driver fill up your every jeep. Even if most of the times, I end up in a traffic jam, I still prefer to ride in your jeep. I just don't know why, maybe I keep myself busy staring to some familiar scenarios in the metropolis or simply listening to the music you play on the radio.

the modern Filipina lady...
the modern Filipina lady...

the Beautiful Women

And most of all I miss your daughters, your slim, charming, tanned, sweet and beautiful girls. Can't help but always fall in love with them. Being independent, and strong willed, these modern ladies of yours are perfect in home management and an ideal wife too. They are children loving and God fearing, and knows the values in life. Aaaahhh... Better start packing and head for Manila. I'm almost done with my contract here in China. Soon I'll meet you again... my MANILA.



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    • lancedimetri profile image

      Jose Presidente Medina 9 years ago from Philippines

      zylla3, yeah...wish I could be there sooner, miss the traffic... hahaha! I'm a certified Manileno, I grew up in the city...Remedios, San Andres, Recto, Divisoria, and used to swim at the Manila Bay when I was a kid with some!!! Don't follow me... I'm lost too!!! hahahah!!! keep in touch... MABUHAY!

    • lancedimetri profile image

      Jose Presidente Medina 9 years ago from Philippines

      MM, I enjoy riding the jeepney especially with all the jeepney jokes that come with it. Some daily common (mis)adventures of the passengers and circumstances which these guys make unique and special. Uwe na tayo!! (Let's go home?)

    • profile image

      zylla3philippines 9 years ago

      Such poetic rendition of Manila...a fresh look from someone who loves it? I will be there soon--in a month for a month! Yay!

    • MM Del Rosario profile image

      MM Del Rosario 9 years ago from NSW, Australia

      yes, i miss the jeepney, tricycle and pedicab day i will come back...