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I love to Cruise

Updated on August 4, 2017


 My son was the one that got me hooked on cruising. He surprised me one September with a early birthday cruise. I was so excited about the cruise and spending time with him. We left from Miami on Carnival, and I was so over whelmed by everything I saw. We explored the ship, the shops, the dining, winning money. It was great. We stopped in Nassau, and went to The Lost City Of Atlantis. The funniest thing that happened while on the cruise was when my son and I went to have dinner. The waiter guy came over to my son, and said it's her birthday, when he saw the cake and why don't you give her a kiss. Then he started darting his tongue in and out of his mouth. My son looked at him and said, "that is my mother". The waiter was so embarrassed. He must have thought that i was his older girlfriend. It was so funny. I was hooked on cruising before I ever got off the ship. The next year I went with friends to Key West, and Mexico. The funny thing that happened on that cruise was when our ship passed the ship my ex husband was on that sailed out of Tampa. We passed at sea.  I thought that was funny. I took another Cruise, all Carnival cruises to Grand Cayman and Jamaica. The third great cruise. On all of the cruises I had two bad knees, and it was at times difficult. Since then I have had two knee replacements, and I can not wait to get my finances in order and cruise again. It is so nice not to have to pack and unpack, the suites are so comfortable, The food is so good. There is so much to do and see, and relax. The only thing missing is that special person to share it with. It is a romantic adventure.  I would like to take a December cruise the next time, my dream is to meet someone and they can surprise me for my birthday, they can sweep me away on a romantic cruise for two. That is not too much to ask . It would like the balcony room next time. I love to sit and watch the open sea pass by. The last year has been very hard. Just when you think you have found a stable job it is gone again. I am not going to give up on my dreams. I will find a job and start a side business to supplement. I owned a business before, actually 3 of them and I can do it again. All my readings say that a financial windfall is coming, I did have one but it was not my money, so that does not count. I need to move on, as long as I have my dream, nothing can stop me. If you want a economical vacation, check out cruising. It is the best vacation for the value.........See you there..............

Approaching Jamaica

The ship docking
The ship docking


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