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IRCTC Login and Registration Information

Updated on November 4, 2014

IRCTC Login IRCTC login is very difficult during Tatkal ticket booking time. Mainly during 10 AM to 12 PM. More than 80%-90% users are not able to log in to IRCTC website during this time.

But the IRCTC has made the IRCTC login process more efficient by launching its next generation e-Ticketing system. The NextGen IRCTC login page has been modified by adding an additional word verification entry field to the IRCTC Login form. IRCTC's new NGET website is capable of handling it's huge web traffic.

If you are facing a problem to log in website then follow these simple steps.

NGET new IRCTC Login page
NGET new IRCTC Login page

IRCTC Login Steps to log in successfully

  1. Open IRCTC Next Generation e-Ticketing system, the new IRCTC NGET login is available on the same web address In your browser type in and submit.
  2. In the middle of the website you will find IRCTC login form. This form contains 'user id', 'password' and 'word verification' fields.
  3. In the 'user id' field type in your user id that you received during IRCTC Registration.
  4. In the 'password' filed enter your password that you received when you created IRCTC account.
  5. In the 'word verification' field type in the given characters in the image. If you are not able to see the image properly then you can request a new one by pressing the refresh button given along with the word verification image. This field is added to the IRCTC login page to allow only genuine users of IRCTC to use the system.
  6. Now press IRCTC login button in the blue color.
  7. If you have typed your credentials correctly you will be allowed to access 'IRCTC login plan my travel' page.
  8. If it shows a message 'user id or password incorrect', then check that you have typed the correct details associated with your IRCTC account.
  9. If you are not remembering your password then you can request a new one by clicking on 'Forgot password' link available on the IRCTC login form.

IRCTC login has become more simple and efficient on IRCTC next generation website?

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IRCTC account registration
IRCTC account registration

IRCTC Registration

IRCTC account creation is also a very simple process. Every one should have their own IRCTC account so that you can book tickets at the ease of home or office through your mobile and laptop. It will also save your time and money.

IRCTC Registration is few simple step process. Avoid providing false information to IRCTC while creating a new account. More than 50-60% people prefer booking tickets through their IRCTC account.

If you want to create a new IRCTC account then follow these steps:

How do you book your train journey tickets?

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IRCTC registration form
IRCTC registration form

IRCTC account registration steps

  1. Please note that IRCTC registration is not allowed between 7 AM to 11 AM.
  2. Open IRCTC next generation e-Ticketing system. Type URL in your browser.
  3. Click on 'Sign Up' link provided on the IRCTC login page. IRCTC registration form will open.
  4. There are four sections on the IRCTC account registration form i.e. personal details, address details, other services and word verification.
  5. Provide your personal details and address details. Correct address details are required to send i-Tickets to your address and correct mobile no is required to complete the registration process and to receive e-Tickets on mobiles.
  6. In other services section, subscribe to IRCTC offers that you like, it is optional and you can avoid it.
  7. Verify the given set of characters given in the image by typing it correctly.
  8. Press submit button to complete the further process.
  9. Now IRCTC verifies your mobile no and email, press okay if details provided by you are correct.
  10. Accept the IRCTC terms and conditions after reading it carefully.
  11. Now verify your mobile no and email by clicking on the email verification link sent to your email and by typing in the mobile verification code received on your mobile.
  12. Congratulations you have activated and registered for IRCTC new account to book tickets online.

It is very simple to IRCTC login on next generation e-ticketing system of IRCTC and to create a new IRCTC account.

Use your newly created account to book tickets online. If you need any further details about IRCTC login and registration then please leave a comment below.

Wishing you a happy and safe Journey.

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