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Ideas for Trips in Argentina - Estancia

Updated on April 8, 2011

At the moment I am in Argentina and currently I am thinking about what to do next. Although I am not a good rider, I always wanted to go horseback riding and therefore I found out that in Argentina there are lots of possibilities for horseback riding vacations.

There are many farms all around Argentina, which are called “Estancias” and there you can stay and and go horseback riding all day. More over you are able to take part in the farm work like branding or herding cows like a real Cowboy. These Estancias are spread all over Argentina and normally you can find one close to every mayor city. Currently I am in Buenos Aires but I would like to see the north of the country, for example Corrientes or Cordoba or even Mendoza.

Many tour operators offer trips and tours to and from the Estancias and there is a broad variety of services. You can even book the Estancias yourself but you should better have a certain knowledge of the Spanish language because most Farmers simply do not speak English or have anybody around who is able to. Although it is a little more expansive, if you do not speak Spanish it is probably a better choice to book with a tour operator. Below in the Link section of this Hub I have put some Tour operators and I would be glad about your opinion and if you could recommend me one.

There are many different rides available. For instance, you can ride over the mighty Andes from Argentina to Chile or visit the Iguaza fall, which are located close to the Brazilian boarder. A trip by horse through the Andes would be something that I am really interested in. A trip like this takes around a week on the horse and includes several nights under the clear sky. Luckily I am fan of camping which makes things easier.

Besides an expedition to the Iguaza Fall would also be an exciting trip. First of all you would have a long trip to the Falls, which will be rewarded with the amazing views the Iguaza Falls have to offer. The Falls consist of almost 275 falls, which are spread over a distance of almost 2,7km (According to Wikipedia).

Right now I am also interested in the Gaucho work (Argentinian Farmers), there are possibilities to work on the farms and herd cows or brand them, which is something I have never done before and I imagine it as a very nice experience.

Please let me know what you think.

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A markeriguaza falls -
Foz do Iguaçu International Airport (IGU) - Iguassu Falls - Paraná, Brazil
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B markercorrientes -
Corrientes, Argentina
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    • profile image

      svea 7 years ago

      hey hey

      It sounds pretty good and if I have the chance to come to Argentina, I would love to do the suggested trips ( just all depending on the money unfortunately)

      So tell me more;)