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If you travel to Nicaragua, visit Sebaco city.

Updated on October 1, 2015

About Sebaco

Nicaragua is the center of Central America and one of the most attractive countries for foreign tourists. In recent years, the arrival of tourists to this country has increased considerably due to the many places that exist to practice the tourism activity.

San Juan del Sur, the Masaya volcano, the 'black hill' volcano and his sandboarding, Granada and its many colonial sites as well as the first city in Nicaragua: Leon.

There are many attractive cities for tourism, but ... Had you heard about Sebaco?

Sebaco is located 102 kilometers from the capital of Nicaragua, it belongs to the department of Matagalpa and it was elevated to city status on September 28, 1996. If you wonder what means the name of this city, I will give you the definition: In this country there were many indigenous tribes before the arrival of the Spaniards and one of them lived in this small location. Indigenous defined the name of this land as "Cihuacoatl" in their Nahuatl language means "snake woman", but the Spaniards did not understand the pronunciation and they ended by saying: "Cihuaco"; eventually was given a slight twist to this pronunciation, finally staying as today: "Sébaco". The reasons why I point to visit this beautiful city are many, although not well known. Here I talk about the most relevant.

Sébaco is the city that produces more than 40% of rice in Nicaragua, therefore, tourist attractions that has, are the beautiful and majestic rice paddies, a unique and unforgettable landscape once you manage to contemplate it.

As I said, here was seated an Indian tribe, therefore, is full of historical and cultural wealth from these ancient inhabitants. There have been a number of archaeological discoveries that you can find in the Museum of Archaeology and History Cihuacoatl and the Pre-Columbian Museum of Chagüitillo, as a number of petroglyphs located in a small waterfall known as El Salto del Venado (The Stag's Leap).

You can also visit a small Catholic church known as "Church of the Assumption" which was built in about 1833; this church is located on a small hill, which in turn is the oldest Sebaco's neighborhood known as Sébaco Viejo (Old Sebaco). Earlier this temple was built by the Indians themselves along the river, but an increased from this river flooded the temple. This temple was awarded with the title "The oldest house in the municipality of Sébaco" on August 28th from 2015 and it is noteworthy that already had the title of "National historical Heritage".

I can mention other reasons whereby Sébaco City is a beautiful tourist attraction in Nicaragua, but suffice it with these main reasons to realize the cultural and historical wealth that owns this town.

So now you know it, if you travel Nicaragua, don’t forget to visit Sebaco.

Video about Sebaco (Narrated in spanish, but with subtitles option activated)

Welcome to Sebaco


Sebaco, Matagalpa Nicaragua:
Sébaco, Nicaragua

get directions

Here is Sebaco


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