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Important Places to Visit in Kenya

Updated on May 21, 2015

Kenya is one among the world’s most breathtaking places on earth. There exists no shortage of things that one can see in this wonderful country. From the lovely sunset in the Kenyan parks to the beautiful waterfalls, from the gorgeous lakes to the mountains, the beaches, the great rift valley, to mention but a few. The country is the world’s most famous destination for tourists, well known for its classic savanna safaris, it stands out as a country with classic contrasts and dramatic extremes; open plains and forests; coral reefs and freshwater lakes.

The Maasai Mara National Reserve

This is one among the most famous places in Africa. At the time when the annual wildebeast migration from the Maasai Mara National Reserve to the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania was named as one among the Seven Wonders of the World, Maasai Mara’s fame to this particular attraction skyrocketed.This park is apart from wildebeasts a home of the big five animals- rhinos, lions, buffaloes, elephants and leopards. It holds one of the largest wild animal concentrations in Africa. Moreover, one can enjoy an experience of the Maasai culture and also see them grazing their animals in the middle of zebras and gazelles.

The Amboseli National Park

Also known as “Land of Giants”, Amboseli is where one comes face to face with the largest animal on land, the African Elephant, as they relaxingly graze on the plains with spectacular Kilimanjaro Mountain as the backdrop. It is also the home for the big five and one will get to see Buffalo, lions, Leopard and the disapprovingly endangered Black Rhino.The low lying and flat nature of landscape ensures one can gets a perfectly unobstructed view of all animals, which encourages great photo opportunities and marvelous game viewing. Amboseli is also best for bird watching, having almost 400 different bird species to keep birders happily ticking off their checklist. The situation of the park is in a dry area that receives little rain, conversely, streams from the Kilimanjaro mount surface through the absorbent soil of the park generating an oasis of swampy wetlands, and this unambiguous contrast between the opulent Green Park and dusty dry surrounding are what gives the park its disquieting beauty.

The Kenyan Coast (Mombasa)

Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya and a great place for one to go for some basking in the sun either before or after their Kenyan safari.The Buffs of history will enjoy an exploration of the historical sites like the Fort Jesus and the Gedi ruins, while the ones who just like relaxing and soaking up in the African sun will do it on the numerous powdery beaches available, where warm sapphire Indian Ocean waters are waiting just to entice them in. The moderately lapping waters and palm tree-lined beaches stand out as stunning settings for relaxation. For those that enjoy to explorebelow the surface, the excellent off-shore reef that runs the full length of the Kenyan coast where one can scuba dive and snorkel from a traditional dhow will keep them as busy as ever. One can also visit the Matamu Marine Park and see a wide diversity of marine life. Whether one is travelling on a shoe-string budget or in style, the experience in Mombasa promises to be a captivatingly memorable addition to their Kenyan itinerary.


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