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Updated on July 18, 2016

New York City is a Bustling Place

One would think that Monday night in New York City would be one of those quieter times, but not so. The city is alive and well with people enjoying the sites from all walks of life.

Just walking down the street around Time Square is an emotional journey as you listen to the many languages that fill up the night air. Those huge Time Square signs speak New York, New York in volumes and there is so much to take in, from the many character figures ready to take their pictures with you to the wonderful carriage horses that remind you of days gone by.

The fast food vendors and artists line the streets with people lined up to try their food and purchase a memory of New York to bring home to their country.

In between the foreigners are those who also live and love New York City because it's simply a happening place.

Whether you come from near or far, spend some time in New York City this summer, fall, winter or spring. A wander down it's bustling streets will always be a long lasting memory.

Night Time in New York City

Night time in NYC.
Night time in NYC. | Source


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