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Taking a Limo Ride, Without Getting Taken for a Ride

Updated on November 1, 2010

How to Hire a Limo

Atlanta limos, like limousine services all over America are a fantastic way to make the most of travel times for special occasions, proms, weddings or anniversaries. Unfortunately, just because you hired a limo, does not mean that you are sure to get what you thought you were paying for. To help protect your interest and your wallet keep these suggestions in mind.

1. Cheap does not necessarily equal good.

2. Ask about state and federal licensing – if the companies has lapsed then move on to another company.

3. What about referrals or complaints? Ask for both, also check with the Better Business Bureau for any officially filed complaints.

4. Find out if the company belongs to any groups like the National Limousine Association.

5. Take time to see the limo. Know what car you getting, before the event. If possible, take pictures.

6. Know what is included – be sure you know whether the cost of the limos covered TV, VCR, DVD player, and bar service.

7. Knowing how the company rates work – most companies require a minimum of 3 hours, but during peak seasons this may be higher.

8. Before signing a contract make sure it includes:

a. Year, make, model & color of the limo

b. Pick up time, drop off time and itinerary

c. Rates as well as gratuity and other assorted charges

d. Deposit and cancellation fees

e. What liabilities the company will incur – if needed – should a break down or failure to appear.

9. Make sure you provide you itinerary well in advance, be sure that all stops are listed.

10. Concerning the size of the limo- be sure you get one big enough for everyone to be comfortable. A rule of thumb, if there are 6 in your party get a limo for 8.

A ride in a limo is a great way to make a sensational impression whether it is your wedding, prom, or other special event, you want your limo experience to be a highlight – not something you would prefer to forget. Choose your limo with care, plan your trip, and get ready to make great memories.


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