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Incredible places to visit during winter in Europe

Updated on August 14, 2014

Whereas most families and organized groups prefer to go for vacation during summer, there is much more to do and enjoy during winter, especially in Europe. Winter is a season that is unique on its merit in many ways. The long weeks of lots of snow and lack of sunshine in the northern polar, creates ample time for less population in most public places, reduced traffic on road and with public of transports like trains also short queues in most places. This would only translate to mean that you can have easier bookings and reservations for most hotels and organizations, and pocket friendly services for a manageable budget. You therefore have more places to visit, much more to do, an easy diary to manage, and a stress free budget for all that!


1.Venice: Italy

In February, the Venice’s Carnevale is beautiful and weird at the same time. When standing in the middle of the wonderful piazza San Marco, you can be able to see three major sites. This square is crammed by much of European’s population. Napoleon himself was intrigued with this phenomenon and referred to it as ‘drawing room of Europe’. You can see St. Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s palace and Torre dell’Orologio. Other interesting things in Venice include; going round in a gondola, the Venetian master of art, have some aperitivo time, take a bird’s eye view of Venice, tour the Grand Canal, taste Venice’s cuisine, Vivaldi in Venice, and trace James Bond’s footsteps in Palazzo Pisani.



This is called the official terrestrial residence of Santa Claus. Santa Claus is said to hangout in atmospheric Arctic Circle grotto, You are freely allowed to visit Santa Claus. You can also experience snow and reindeer ensure to enhance the festive spirit. In addition, you could also visit the Arktikum museum, and 5 real life wonderlands among other attractions. You will need your winter clothing; be sure to pack enough.


Abisko: Sweden

As you head north of Europe on train, Abisko welcomes you. For lovers of winter, this is the place to be. In Abisko, the sun does not rise for several weeks in December and January. The darkness that come with it makes it a tourist attraction. With the darkness, you can very well see the majestic aurora borealis. Other attractions include; Abisko national park, and the Icehotel Steve Vickers,


4.Athens: Greece

With the coming of winter, Athens becomes less crowded, has low tourism pricing, less intense heat, no queues and very minimal air pollution. With all these convenience, one can more proactively explore the ancient heritage to Greece and experience the local culture. You could engage in island hoping, visit Acropolis and see the Partheon


5.Andalucía, Spain

You are most likely to experience mild temperatures in winter for the parts that are further south than Africa. Around winter accommodation is cheap and it is less crowded. Places to visit include Granada's Alhambra, and Seville's cathedral


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