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Independence Day celebrations of 21 African Countries

Updated on June 19, 2013

Africa Independence Day Celebrations

Africa is a large continent with 53 countries and many of these countries are beautiful Holiday destinations. All countries in Africa have at one time or the other been colonized by foreign/western countries and had to fight or plead their causes for independence. Here is a list of 20 African countries with their National capitals, former colonial masters and date of independence.

1. Nigeria (October 1 1960)

Nigeria known as the Giant of Africa is the largest country on the continent by population with over 150 million people belonging to over 200 ethnic groups and 36 provincial regions or states, the national capital is Abuja which is centrally located. She was colonized by Britain and obtained her independence on the 1st of October 1960.

2. Egypt (February 28 1922)

Colonized by France and Britain, Egypt is Africa’s second oldest country by date of independence having obtained it on February 28, 1922, the capital city is Cairo and Egypt is the world’s largest Arab country with a population of over 40 million.

3. Liberia (July 26 1847)

Africa’s oldest country, Liberia has its capital in Monrovia city and has had 2 civil wars in its history. Colonized by America, Liberia got her independence on the 26th of July 1847.

4. Ghana (6th March 1957)

One of West African Anglo-phone Countries Ghana formerly known as Gold Coast because of its abundant gold reserves, her capital is Accra and is a former colony of Britain.

5. Kenya (December 12 1963)

This is one of East Africa’s most developed Countries and was named after its founding father Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya’s capital Nairobi is one of Africa’s most beautiful cities.

6. Zimbabwe (April 18 1980)

Capital city is Harare and has been ruled since independence by Robert Mugabe. She is a former colony of Britain.

7. Sierra Leone (April 27 1961)

Capital of this once war torn country is Free Town. Sierra Leone is one of Africa’s poorest and least developed countries and like Zimbabwe is a former colony of Britain.

8. Mozambique (June 25 1975)

Mozambique up till 1975 was colonized by Portugal. She gained her independence in 1975 and has had a civil war which ended in 1993. The capital city is Maputo.

9. Angola (November 11 1975)

Just like Mozambique Angola got independence in 1975 from Portugal and has also fought a civil war which ended in 2002 following the death of Jonas Savimbi (founder of rebel Movement UNITA). The capital is Luanda and Angola is a major exporter of crude oil.

10. Rwanda (July 1st 1962)

Rwanda was formerly colonized by Belgium and has its capital to be Kigali. In 1994, Rwanda had a bloody civil war in which almost a million Tutsis and moderate Hutus were massacred. The country is currently at peace.

11. Zambia (October 24, 1964)

Zambia is located at the southern part of Africa. She shares a similar Anthem with South Africa and her capital is Lusaka.

12. Ethiopia

The capital is Addis Ababa which is also the headquarters of the African Union (AU). Ethiopia has been in existence since the time of Christ and has never been colonized.

13. Togo (April 27 1960)

Capital of Togo is Lome, a French speaking country in West Africa, Togo is bounded to the east by Benin, the West by Ghana and to the North by Mali.

14. Ivory Coast (August 7 1960)

Capital city is Yamoussoukro although Abidjan still remains the economic capital, Ivory coast or la Cote d’Ivoire as it is also known as is a located in West Africa.

15. Cameroun (January 1st 1960)

The capital of this African Country is Yaoundé and has been colonized at different times by France, Britain and Germany.

16. Uganda (October 9 1962)

The capital of Uganda is Kampala she got her independence from Britain.

17. Libya (December 24 1951)

Former colony of Italy, the capital is Tripoli and has just fought a civil war to sack its long term ruler Muammar Kaddafi.

18. Algeria (July 5 1962)

Capital city is Algiers, Algeria is a beautiful country with a relatively higher standard of living compared to most African Countries. She obtained her independence from France in 1962.

19. Benin (August 1 1960)

Capital City is Porto-Novo and a large segment of the country’s population has some cultural similarities with the Yoruba of South Western Nigeria. Benin is a franco-phone country.

20. Namibia (March 21st 1990)

Namibia is one of Africa’s youngest countries having obtained independence from South Africa, the capital city is Windhoek.

21. South Africa (11 December 1931)

South Africa is Africa’s most developed country and has Pretoria as its capital city. It is a country with 11 ethnic groups and a sophisticated citizenry. South Africa is a former colony of Britain.


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      3 years ago


    • Tom Mukasa profile image

      Tom Mukasa 

      5 years ago from Lives in USA

      Thank you so much Paulipopo. Anything on Africa makes my heart leap with joy, anticipation and obligation. I once told a friend that the whole world owes it to Mother land Africa. Africans owe it to the whole world to keep and maintain Africa as the mother of all nations. Having said that, I like the way you put up what I call the Africa Independence Desk Review. This is a tool I recommend to all. Thank you for your introduction, " Africa is a large continent with 53 countries and many of these countries are beautiful Holiday destinations. All countries in Africa have at one time or the other been colonized by foreign/western countries and had to fight or plead their causes for independence. Here is a list of 20 African countries with their National capitals, former colonial masters and date of independence."

      I enjoyed your article.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      my beloved Africa


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