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India Travel by Train will Enchant the Tourists

Updated on July 18, 2017

India never fails to give the tourists a royal feel even when traveling by trains. Traveling in India is an amazing experience to the travel junkies. Experiencing every route and its beauty is what makes a train traveling worth it. The journey by train is unexplainable as you witness so much in just a matter of time. Tourists tend to make friends while traveling. As the beautiful quote says it all “One’s destination is never a place, it’s a new way of seeing things.” The rhythm of the trains, the feeling of getting suspended between two places; the adventure is definitely something different.

There are many trains where you get the luxurious treatment in India. Some of them are listed below:-

1. Maharaja Express

The train which was bestowed “The World’s Leading Luxury Train” award at the world travel awards consecutively for five years will definitely give you a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience. This majestic train has redefined the meaning of luxury for the tourists. This train leads the tourists to explore rich cultural heritage of India by taking them to the beautiful fables destinations which helps them make unforgettable memories.

Consisting of four different cabins viz. the deluxe chain, junior suite, suite and presidential suite; every cabin has a different level of lavishness adding on to your luxurious journey. The cuisine is a perfect blend of international and Indian delicacies giving a flavorsome treat to the food junkies. On the whole, the train gives memories for your lifetime.

It has different tours like Indian Panorama, Indian Splendor, etc.

2. Palace on wheels train
Infuse yourself in the luxury of one of the leading luxury trains of the world. The nominee of the “world’s leading luxury train” award, this train offers an array of lavish experiences in the train. A tour to the royal state of India, Rajasthan along with the symbol of love, Taj Mahal, cannot be better by any other means in India. A perfect time to relive the era of the royal times in one of the top 10 luxury trains of the world.

3. Golden Chariot train
The only luxury train of South India, offers a perfect blend of culture, heritage, wildlife diversity and beach life of south India. This train will infuse you in the nature’s beauty by taking you through the impeccable routes of south India where you will experience the architectural wealth, wildlife bounty and a route to the cultural heritage.

4. The Deccan Odyssey
Embark yourself with an explicit journey to the rich cultural heritage and the natural beauty of India in the Deccan Odyssey. The train will give you a lifetime luxurious experience along with a tour to the world heritage sites of India like the Golden Triangle, forts and palaces and also the pristine natural mountains of India. Travel back in the age of romance and royal with the Deccan Odyssey.

5. The Kalka-Shimla Toy Train
The UNESCO world site is a delight to the tourists as the train takes you through the pristine beauty of the hidden places of Shimla which is a beautiful hill station in the north. The mesmerizing tour takes you through the lush green mountains and mystic views of the impeccable beautiful place. So don’t miss this amazing opportunity to view the natural beauty of India next time you visit Shimla.

6. Darjeeling toy train
Considered as an engineering marvel and the UNESCO world heritage site, this train takes to the world’s second highest station Ghoom located at 7404 feet. A number of zigzag routes and curves make it a fun and joyous journey for the tourists. The train takes the tourists through the most beautiful and majestic mountains, valleys and peaks making it an unforgettable journey. So don’t miss this fun ride once you visit this beautiful place.

7. Rajdhani Express
As the name already suggests, this fully air-conditioned train connects the places of the Capital (Rajdhani) of India, taking you to beautiful destinations. Tourists also get complementary meals throughout their journey. It is a series of passenger train service connecting the most important places in India. It is one of the fastest trains in India and also one of the most preferred travel trains too. Needless to say, giving you such a lavish experience, it is one of the top prioritized trains in India.

8. Shatabdi Express
One of the prestigious trains of India, this train connects the most important cities with the metro cities which are important for travel. Being fully air conditioned, this train adds on to your luxurious journey making it memorable for you. The train is one of the fastest running trains of India prioritized after Rajdhani Express. So to get the luxurious feel while traveling from the metro cities, don’t forget to consider this majestic express.

On the whole, India has the potential to give you an amazing and lavish experience while traveling by trains. The mesmerizing views, the breathtakingly beautiful nature’s beauty and the cheerful curvy routes will leave the tourists awestruck. So lead a life as the writers write in their novels and fill your bags with memories by enjoying the train rides and witnessing the rich and massive cultural heritage of India.


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    • Shefali Mulye profile image

      Shefali Mulye 6 months ago from MUMBAI

      I would agree - there is no better way to experience or see the 'real' India than on a train journey. It gives you an excellent opportunity to interact with local people from various communities and socio - economic backgrounds and if you are lucky and have friendly co - passengers, maybe you may even get to try some local home cooked food as well 'roadside' food on the longer routes. We love to bond over our food and open our hearts to all those we meet - especially on train journeys. Just a word of caution though for the less travelled - on trains such as Shatabdi and Rajdhani you may prefer to travel premium class for a better experience