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Indianapolis Is A Great Place To Visit On A Budget

Updated on February 11, 2014

What does Indianapolis have that every other city hasn't? The Indianapolis 500! Although the he-man in me loves the racing car capital of the world, Indianapolis offers much more than meets the eye. Known for its great economical lifestyle and a down home approach, both the missus and myself found visiting Indianapolis to be a surprisingly refreshing and enjoyable experience.

Located in the mid west, Indianapolis can be found at the heart of America's breadbasket. It's a mid-sized American city with less than a million people in town, giving the state capital a feeling of a charming, small town metropolis. Its airport is centrally located, only 7 miles from the downtown area. There are indeed many things to love about Indianapolis.

Fun for Kids

Besides racing cars, there are many things that children may love in Indianapolis, and certainly enough to keep them busy. Here are some of the fun things for kids to do in Indianapolis.

  • The Children's Museum is filled with excellent excursions designed to enrich the minds and curiosity of children aged 5 to 25!

  • The Indianapolis Zoo rates among the best zoos in the nation. Known for its White River gardens and private events, the Indianapolis Zoo is a real treat for your youngsters.
  • They may also wish to participate in Day of the Dead, which started out as a Creole / African American tradition that encourages the innate creativity to scare the living daylights out of your friends! Generally speaking, the scarier the costume happens to be, the better. Held on October 27, the Halloween tradition lives and thrives in modern Indianapolis.

Things-to-do for Couples

There are several places to see for a couple. With many historical neighborhoods, it's home to Liberty style houses, Queen Anne and the glorious mansion style homes that give its inhabitants a feeling of middle American stability.

  • More than anything, Indianapolis is a community of neighborhoods. If you like vintage clothes, and ethnic food, Ripple Park is your neighborhood. Missus had a blast picking out some really cool looking earrings for her sisters and her own self.
  • Fountain Square theatre district is a great place for catching a flick. Home to cultural events like swing dancing, there is always something creative to do in this bohemian, fun loving area just south of the downtown area. When we passed by, there was a huge swarm of people having fun and just hanging around there.
  • For those with 1950s values and slightly fatter wallets, the Wholesale District is the home of the local sporting teams, a huge shopping mall and the Circle City Monument. Restaurants, first class hotels and other tourist-based attractions are located here.
  • Its Black neighborhoods hold a great legacy of being one of the earliest jam session sites of Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington. These two great blues artists made their humble beginnings in the Indiana Avenue district. Wandering around the area, there are museums of black culture and history and other symbols of Indiana Streets colorful past.
  • Mass Avenue is a pedestrian type district with galleries, theatres, one of a kind shops, bars and coffee houses, as well as club and cool hangouts, designed for those who want to keep their cars at home. We roamed about the galleries and soaked in the culture and scene.

Catching Indianapolis in Its Element

  • The Quarters of Indianapolis

Beautiful restored centennial mansions can be found at Lockerbie Square, a haven for urban professionals. With impeccable lawns and eclectic architecture, the suburbs meet the city in this hundred year old neighborhood.

  • White River State Park

In spite of all this urban euphoria, Indianapolis sports a state park with canals. It was originally intended to link the city with other waterways, but was abandoned in favor of railways. The city reopened the waterways project to create a one of a kind state park with Venetian style gondolas and scenic pleasure for locals and visitors alike. Special summertime concerts are held on the lawn area and there are walkways along the riverside.

When to Go?

Though missus and me chose the summer months because of our small budget (and since almost everything was discounted or not marked-up at that time), I’d advise anyone visiting Indianapolis, to try and find accommodations in mid Spring or early Autumn. The weather tends to be hot and humid in the summer and quite cool with snow in the winter months, so they don’t make the best visiting seasons.

There you go… here was my account of my visit to Indianapolis. Just hope it helped you.

This is an account of our visit to Indianapolis. I asked my husband for inputs and he volunteered to write the piece himself, so most of it his words and with his permission I am publishing the piece with a few inputs of my own. Hope you enjoy reading this piece. 

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