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Updated on January 15, 2012

Indonesia-Surabaya-Day 1

Day 1



Surabaya, Juanda Airport


From Juanda airport, we took a taxi for about 45 minutes to reach Ibis Hotel.

After checked in Hotel Ibis Rajawali, we took a short distance walk to the main China town (Kya Kya) in Surabaya. However due to CNY celebration for the Chinese in Surabaya, a lot of shops was not open for business. We took BECA (a kind of cycle rickshaw which is a small-scale local means of transport) to Arab Quarter/Ampel Mosque for our dinner at Warung Jumbo. There’s a lot of hawkers by roadside in this area.

While waiting for the dinner to be served, this was first time to try Indonesian Apokat juice, which is actually from Indonesian Avocado fruit.

After the dinner, we took a short walk to Masjid Ampel and Pasar Ampel. The mosque was packed with people worshipping inside the mosque. And there were a large group of ladies worshipping in the mosque.

We entered into a small lane in Pasar Ampel. There is a lot of stalls in the market place; selling souvenirs from middle east countries.

On the way back to hotel, the Beca rider took us passing through a busy wet market. We stopped at the complex just opposite hotel. We just stayed in the complex for short; most of the shops were not open, we couldn’t find any interest things to shop.

*Air Asia Flight Kl-sub-kl (RM448)

*Advanza Taxi -Rp130k (shared by 5)

*Beca Rp3k-5k (2person)

*Hotel Ibis RM107/room (booked online)

.... to be continued for Day 2 Trip to Indonesia, Surabaya (Mt Bromo) ...

Indonesia - Surabaya - Day 1

Kya Kya. Let's go to Chinatown, located at Surabaya old town
Kya Kya. Let's go to Chinatown, located at Surabaya old town
A markerIndonesia Surabaya -
Surabaya, Indonesia
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