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Indus Delta Sindh Pakistan

Updated on September 13, 2010

Indus Delta

Introduction Jat and fisherman & Indus Delta Sindh

This study contains a description of two primitive tribes Jat and Fishermen (Mirbahar) occupying the coastal area from southern border of Karachi to eastern border of Shah Bundar District Thatta. The total population living along Sindh coast is estimated about 1,000,000 out of them about 100,000 depends on fishing or fishing related activities.

Main communities living in the Indus delta are Jat and Fishermen (Mirbahar). Jat and fishermen can further be subdivided in sub-castes (Urak). Mirbahar or Mallah are living poorer and inferior life. According to their custom oldest person behaves as head of the house or village. Jat people however accorded the higher status in coastal society. Jat people keep camels. They are also engaged in Agriculture and Fishing or trading in Fish. Some of them also keep buffaloes and other variety of live stock.

                   Generally Jat is a person who keeps camel for the purpose of transportation from one side to other irrespective of his race or cast but here it is meant that very old Jat tribe who was named as Jat since very long time. Similarly Mirbahar are professionally fishermen who are also named Mohana, Mallah, Meh or Medes in history. History describes both the tribes together even now both the communities are settled in or near Indus delta.


Indus delta is about 356 K.M long and more than 50 km wide situated between 230 .15 and 250 North latitude and 670 .5 and 680 .15 East longitude and it covers an area about 600,000 hectares. River carries water along with silt, which is later on being deposited at the transition belt of river and sea. This process when continues for centuries it creates paths and in this way delta is being created and extended. IndusRiver before falling in to the sea divided in to channels and forming a triangular shape which is called as Indus delta.

Indus Delta Near Karachi Sindh Pakistan

Peoples of Indus Delta sindh

Salt near Keti bandar

Poor Peoples of Indus delta


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      abdul kareem 3 years ago

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      Mr Mushtaq Ahmed Laghari ( Baghani ) is the author of this report.

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