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Insane Waterfalls Around Glorious Universe

Updated on February 27, 2019
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Exotic places, peculiar content and glorious universe. I'm an enthusiast. I like to amaze people with stunning and wonderful destinations.

1. Svartifoss Waterafalls, Iceland

Svartifoss or the Black Waterfall is one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Iceland. If you want to visit this incredible fall, you've to have a short walk into Skaftafell in Vatnajökull National Park, South Iceland. The waterfall plunges down about 80ft adjoined with tall black basalt columns.

It is said to be aged thousands of years but, the real age of it is still undiscovered. Svartifoss is quite a big area including other natural awes like the hundafoss waterfall, glacier hikes, ice climbing and a bit more.



From the waterfalls that originate from the ice glaciers to the waterfalls that make their way into the sea. India has a number of beautiful waterfalls where you can enjoy the water cascading down the steps and making a soothing sound to please your soul. One of them is Jog falls which is located in Karnataka state.

2. Sutherland Falls, New Zealand

Falling from a height of about 1904 ft is the breathtaking Sutherland Falls. It is located near Milford Sound in the Fiordland National Park. These Falls are fed by the Lake Quill, which was formed during the Ice Age. The waterfalls from Lake Quill falls in three cascades.

The sumptuous falls were named after a great explorer, Donald Sutherland, who found it while exploring routes between Milford Sound and Lake Wakatipu.


3. Oneonta Gorge Falls, USA

Oneonta Gorge is one of those hidden treasures that you just have to see to believe. This wonderful place dwelled in the Columbia River, Oregon. The U.S. Forest Service has designated it as a botanical area due to the presence of unusual aquatic bugs and other plants.

There are four major waterfalls on the magical Oneonta creek as it runs through the gorge. The Lower Oneonta Falls (100 ft), Middle Oneonta Falls (24 ft), Upper Oneonta Falls (65 ft)and the Triple Falls (64 ft).



Ban Gioc Waterfall is shared between China and Vietnam with the Quay Son River, about 272 km away from Hanoi. It has 3 different cascades spanning over 1000 ft. One can visit Ban Gioc Waterfall from either Vietnam or China but can’t cross the border.

The waterfall drops 98 ft and is separated into three falls by rocks and trees. It is currently the 4th largest waterfall, after Iguazu Falls, Victoria Falls, and Niagara Falls.

4. Angel Falls, Venezuela

At 3,212 ft, Angel Falls is the world's tallest and the highest singular waterfall. The waterfall plunges over the rim of the Auyán-tepui mountain in the Canaima National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site in the wild Gran Sabana region of Bolívar State. The Angel Falls are very safe to visit.

The whole region is astonishingly beautiful. There are hundreds of similar mountains including many other beautiful tepuys, waterfalls, rivers, and lagoons.

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5. Multnomah Waterfall, USA

As Oregon’s most-visited site, Multnomah Falls is the tallest waterfall in the state. It is located in the Columbia River Gorge, between Corbett and Dodson. At a height of 620 ft, this waterfall is a year-round affinity for all ages.

The falls attract over 2 million visitors each year, making it the most visited natural site in the US. The highest volume comes in winter and spring, and the fall sometimes cools partially in winter.



The Iguazu Falls, Argentina are located within the Iguazu Falls National Park, a sheltered area over 167.34 acres! Though Iguazu is only 269 ft tall, its curtain of water extends for over 5,249 ft. For most of its course, the river flows through Brazil; however, most of the falls are on the Argentine side.

In a rage, the divinity sliced the river, thus forming the waterfalls. The area surrounding Iguazu Falls was inhabited ten thousand years ago.

6. Yosemite Falls, USA

Tucked at 2,425 ft, the impressive beauty of California’s Yosemite National Park is unimaginable. Yosemite Falls is the highest waterfall in Yosemite National Park, located in the Sierra Nevada of California. Yosemite Falls trail is very exposed with little shade in summer.

Yosemite Falls is actually made up of three separate falls, Upper Yosemite Fall (1,430 ft), the middle cascades (675 ft), and Lower Yosemite Fall (320 ft)


7. Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

is one of the the most amazing waterfalls in Iceland. It drops from over a 65 m according to the National Land Survey of Iceland. Seljalandsfoss is about 120 kms away from Reykjavík. One can easily visit Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss and return to Reykjavík on the same day.

Very close to Seljalandsfoss, another waterfall, Gljúfrabúi can be observed. The name means "Dweller in the Gorge".



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    • Teszra profile image


      8 months ago from Hawaii

      Such an incredible article.

    • Matilda Woods profile image

      Matilda Woods 

      13 months ago from Toronto

      I would love to see all of these!

    • Emmy ali profile image

      Eman Abdallah Kamel 

      13 months ago from Egypt

      Very attractive and interesting article. So beautiful photos.

    • L.M. Hosler profile image

      L.M. Hosler 

      13 months ago

      Beautiful pictures. I love waterfalls and would love to see them in person.


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