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Intel Museum - Santa Clara, California - Silicon Valley Fun Trip for the Kids

Updated on May 24, 2013

Intel Museum - Santa Clara, California - Silicon Valley

Intel Museum Things to See

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Things to see at the Intel Museum

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Intel Museum Great Place for Kids that like Technology

If you are looking for a place to have fun together with your friends and family. There’s one place in Santa Clara, California where you can go, not only for you to enjoy but also learn at the same time.  If you are fascinated about technology and its history and want to learn about one of the main contributors to modern computers, this is a place for you. It is called the INTEL Museum at the Intel Headquarters in Silicon Valley.  You can see and learn about all the different silicon chips designed and see all of the various sizes of Silicon wafers, microprocessors and chip fabrication. This museum welcomes everyone from the kids to adults.  There is even special tours and activities available for teachers that want to take their classroom to the museum for a day of learning about Intel and the chips they are famous for.  If you have your camera with you, you can take as many pictures as you want, as it is allowed in the museum.

Inside the museum you could see different things that where related in technology, and each of which, have their different history that you can see and read either below or beside it. The museum will not only provide you things to read but also have several hands-on exhibits, which encourage you to explore ideas in an educational and fun way. They have a speaking robot, which you will have a chance to have a Q&A portion with the Robot; you can read a question guide below it to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun details behind the robot.  Another is they have an exhibit where you can measure how fast your hand movement is to demonstrate the speed of processing power a Intel chip possesses, another exhibit that teaches you basics of binary code of 1’s and 0’s by letting you type your name using the number codes. They also have a suit which called the bunny suit that you can wear in there Clean room exhibit to get the experience of what it is like to be dressed to work on the fab floor where the chips are actually made. They also have a computer which allows you to take picture and create an Intel museum card, which will be sent to your email address and to your friends or family. They also have a puzzle ball set that demonstrates the different amounts of bandwidth computers utilize which the kids will surely enjoy and many more.

History and Facts about Intel the Most Successful Semiconductor Company

Intel Museum at Intel Headquarters

A marker2200 Mission College Blvd Santa Clara, CA 95054 -
2200 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA
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Intel Museum - Intel Headquarters

Enjoy a morning or afternoon at the Intel Museum

The museum is located at the Robert Noyce building at Intel’s headquarters in Santa Clara California in the heart of Silicon Valley; the museum entrance is located near the main door entrance and there is a visitor parking area located through the main gate with no parking space fee, so it is a cool place to visit on a budget cause it is free and no parking charge either. It is an inexpensive tour, but you will get lots of really cool information and learn a bunch about the founders and history behind Intel, computer chips, and general technology history. It is worthy as a place to visit, especially when you have kids that are interested in finding out more about the technology world. So if you live or working nearby, this place is worth a stop. Bring your friends especially your kids with you and together learn more about Intel and its role in technologies we use every day. They are open Monday to Saturdays. For more information on how to go there, check out the museum website here - there is even some interesting things to see and learn directly on the website and you can look at the location in the Google map below.

Quick Walk Through

Silicon Valley History

The museum here at the headquarters of one of the cornerstone technology companies in Silicon Valley, lets the visitor learn the Intel story. Another awesome place to check out to learn more about the history of technology and computers if the Computer History Museum, located down the road in Mountain View, California. Both of these locations have on display the entire innovation path that semiconductor chips and computers went through to get today and beyond.


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