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Interesting Cities in UK

Updated on July 16, 2011

Top 4 Most Interesting Cities to Visit in the UK

The United Kingdom(UK) of Great Britain is a sovereign state located off the north-western coast of continental Europe. The UK is a developed country and is made up of cities with different historical backgrounds, and that makes it a country full of diverse culture, and a number one destination for holiday travelers.

While I was in the UK as a student in one of the Universities, I had opportunities to visit wonderful places in different cities. And below are the most interesting places to visit in the UK. Enjoy!


York is a walled city(defensive) that is located at the confluence of two wonderful rivers called Ouse and Foss in North Yorkshire, England. The city is made up of historic attractions, and York Minster - the largest Gothic cathedral in northern Europe - is the most outstanding of all, and a variety of cultural activities.

The York castle is my favorite because of the complex buildings and the wonderful structure of the castle. When it comes to food, York ham is the most popular. It's simply a type of cured ham which is a mild-flavored ham that has delicate pink meat and doesn't need further cooking before eating. It's usually served with Madeira sauce.

In 2009, York was the 7th most visited city by UK residents, and 13th most visited by international visitors. Located at the confluence of two rivers, the best way to explore the city is by cruising which is affordable to everyone.


Leeds displays a variety of natural and man-made landmarks. Natural landmarks include such diverse sites as the gritstone outcrop of Otley chevin and the Fairburn Ings RSPB reserve. This city has a climate that is oceanic and Pennines. Leeds can best be explored by public bus and private cars.

One of the most interesting places I love so much in Leeds is the Armley Mills Industry Museum that is housed in the world's largest woolen mill. In this museum, you will see the first known moving pictures in the world that were taken in the city by Louis Le Prince in 1888.

Nightlife is very interesting in Leeds because of the large student population. As a result, there is a lot of pubs, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and numerous venues for live music. With all these, you will never be short of sources of entertainment in Leeds.


This city is one of the eight largest regional cities that make up the English core cities group. Sheffield is a geographically diverse city. It lies in a natural amphitheater created by several hills and the confluence of five great rivers: Don, Sheaf, Rivelin, Loxely, and Porter. As a result, much of the city is built on hillsides with views into the city center or out to the countryside.

Sixty-one percent of the Sheffield's entire area is made up of green space, and a third of the city lies within the Peak District National Park. There are more than 200 parks, woodlands and gardens in the city, and an estimated 2.5 million trees, this gives Sheffield the highest ratio of trees to people of any city in Europe.


This city is located in a bowl-shaped land area bordered to the north and east by the Pennines, a mountain chain that runs the length of northern England, and to the south by the Cheshire Plain.

Manchester is well known for its football/soccer club - Manchester United FC - but there is more about the city that's worth visiting once in ones life. For someone who likes arts, I make sure I visit galleries in any town or city that I find myself in. And Manchester offers a variety of museums and art galleries that are worth visiting. If you are a football/soccer fan, then Manchester is definitely a place to visit. People worship football/soccer in this city!

Nightlife in the city is so interesting that you never get bored. You will always see amazing and wonderful things each and every night that you go out.

How to Enjoy Your Visit to These Beautiful Cities

Trying to visit one or more of the above places in the UK alone can be overwhelming. To make your visit to any of these places much more interesting and enjoyable, employing the service of an escort to show you around will be a very wise decision. Not only will you enjoy your stay in any of the cities but will have the opportunity to explore every length and breadth of these cities. In addition, you will quickly learn how people live differently as compared to where you come from. Finally, an escort will give you value for your time, and money as well.


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