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Interesting Facts about Cuba

Updated on June 30, 2012

Many people do not know much about Cuba. When most Americans think about Cuba they simply think back on thier history lessons in school about the cold war, however Cuba is much more interesting than any history lesson. Below are some fun facts about Cuba.

Cuba, or more officially known as the republic of Cuba, consists of the Island of Cuba, the Isle of Youth and several smaller Islands. Cuba is south of Florida and the Bahamas and west of Haiti.

Fun, Interesting Facts about Cuba

  • Cuba is not just one island, the Republic of Cuba is made up of the island of Cuba, the Isle of Man, and several smaller islands.
  • More than 11 million people live in the Republic of Cuba.
  • People in Cuba love baseball! Baseball is to Cuba as Soccer is to Columbia.

  • Cuba's official language is Spanish although there are many people in Cuba who are proficient in English.
  • Cuba is only about 90 miles from the coast of Florida.
  • Cuban families only have one kid on average.
  • Cuba is the 16th largest island in the world.

  • Cuba does not have an official state religion, however a majority of Cubans are Catholics.
  • Cuba is extremely vulnerable to hurricanes due to its location. It experiences most of it's major hurricanes during August-October.
  • Cuba does not produce most of it's own food, about 3/4 of Cuba's food supply is imported every year.
  • Nearly all of the industry in Cuba is in the governments control.

Hopefully after reading these facts you have learned a little more about Cuba than you already new! If you are looking for an adventure or just a pretty beach to lay by Cuba cold be the perfect place for your next vacation trip!


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