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An Interesting Trip to Austin for the Memorial Service of Wylie Vale

Updated on June 19, 2013

Young and handsome Wylie Vale

Short Description of Wylie Vale

Many people who attended the Memorial Service of Wylie Vale and saw his portrait on the program front page remarked that he looked like the movie actor Clark Gable. Wylie was a Torpedo Officer in the U.S. Navy and he saw action in the Pacific War with Japan.

Go to: My Good Christian Friend and Architectural Associate Wylie Vale

Wylie was ready to go home to be with the Lord

The distance between Houston and Austin is about 165 miles and the one way trip takes about three and half hours. Last Saturday February 2, 2013 my wife and I spent about seven (7) hours on the round trip with Jim Blackmon (JB) in his automobile. JB told us that about a week before Wylie Vale died God had inspired him through the Holy Spirit to visit Wylie, so he drove all the way to Austin to be by his bedside. JB said Wylie's mind was alert and clear at that time and Wylie blessed him. He also heard Wylie say that he was ready to go home to be with the Lord. This is comforting to Wylie's family and friends.

JB's testimony reminds me of my mother's prophetic prayer just a few hours before my father died. While she was praying and weeping at about midnight the Holy Spirit inspired her to repeat the words “Joy comes in the morning” (Psalm 30:5). My father went home to be with the Lord at about 4:00 a.m. that same morning. Our family was greatly comforted by my mother's prophetic prayer.

Looking for the Perfect Church

JB also told us about his early association with Wylie Vale. Both of them were members of the same church near downtown Houston. Their congregation was growing until something bad happened. The church lost a large sum of money. The pastor, church treasurer and others in the church board did not have a proper account of how the money was spent. There were a lot of conflicts within the leadership of the church. JB, Wylie and several other people left that church. They were looking for the perfect church.

JB joined another church that did not preach the Full Gospel. After he was baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke with tongues he was persecuted and excommunicated from that church. JB has been looking for the perfect church, and he has not found one yet. . The Perfect Church is in heaven. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the "minister of the sanctuary and of the True Tabernacle which the Lord erected, and not man."(Heb. 8:2)

Professional Integrity and Support

The Memorial Service for Wylie Vale was held in the very beautiful Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church at 1:30 p.m. Wylie's son Shannon, daughter-in-law Jane, and grandchildren spoke highly of him. Wylie was a very successful architect because he had professional integrity. He also had strong support from his family members The churches that he designed and built were fully supported by the pastor, church board and members.


I am thankful to God for having the opportunity to attend the memorial service. After the service we talked to several friends and close relatives of Wylie's. Their appreciation for my having worked with Wylie on the architectural projects in the last thirty years has made me feel good. My wife and I also wish to thank the Lord for letting us come to know JB who had been kind and generous to us throughout the entire trip.

May God bless everyone


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