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International Mango Festival at Delhi

Updated on February 7, 2013

If it were not for the festival celebration in India, the month of June might have seen mass exodus from the weather beaten Delhi cowering under the sweltering heat. However, the benevolent nature is kind enough to bestow luscious juicy fruits in the parched dry months of May and June. Although you may easily count hundreds of ongoing events at Delhi at anytime, the only one to soothe your taste buds with rich juicy pulp accompanied by the intoxicating aroma that mother nature has especially designed to satiate your olfactory pangs can be found in the two-day Delhi International Mango Festival to be held between 30 June to 2nd July this year at Delhi Haat.

Mango enjoys the status of king among fruits, while India exports over 40,000 metric tons of mangoes to over 80 nations. The huge mango economy received a further boost 25 years ago when Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC) in association with Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority and the National Horticultural Board decided to add this festival to the seamless list of festival celebration in India. The rest is history.

Delhi International Mango Festival

Held annually in Delhi, the international mango festival is quite unlike the other events in Delhi for this unique festival celebration in India showcases unheard of varieties of mangoes from weirdest to the most sublime. The mango varieties showcased here begin from the lip smacking alphonso and amrapali to mallika, himsagar, malda, baliya, chorasya, dhoon, dhaman, fazia, shamasi, ruchika, kheria, nigarin, gelchia and the list reads on and on …almost endlessly. At the last count there were over 550 varieties. If you thought mangoes are eaten raw, be surprised to find notable chefs from TajMahalPalace, Maurya Sheraton, Qutub, Claridges, Marriott and Inter-Continental demonstrate unique and exquisite recipes made with mangoes. This must certainly, you will agree then, be reckoned among the top events in Delhi June-July.

The mango festival offers unique opportunity to over 50 mango growers from across the nation to showcase the king of fruits in every possible way imaginable. This is possibly one of the rarest events in Delhi where visitors are educated through quizzes and competitions to think out of the box and learn the infinite possibilities available with mangoes of not just five to seven, but over 550 varieties. Additionally, Delhi is unimaginable without theater and cultural show. So, this festival has innovative Delhi Theater consisting of colorful entertainment programs of music and dance. This international festival is a huge global platform that is designed to promote tourism along with mango export.

Mango Cusines

For the visitors charmed by the magic of mango, this festive occasion offers unique opportunity of festival celebration in India to try mango cuisines in their infinite varieties from the best chefs in India. Moreover, the festival offers unique lessons on how to prepare and preserve a variety of mango recipes whether for instant consumption or to preserve to last. A visit to this festival in Delhi is bound to turn you into a mango fan with the kind of mango expertise few among us can boast of.


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