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Iranian Hostages in Syria

Updated on August 8, 2012

Iran continues to stoke the fires of warfare in Syria by supplying President Assad money and military assistance to keep Syrian aircraft and artillery killing Syrians. The recent capture of 48 so-called tourists trying to get into Syria clearly shows that Iran is, indeed, the world's present and future rogue nation.

The 48 Iranians were traveling in six buses from the Syrian airport to their hotel in downtown Damascus. They managed to slip through several rebel check points until the last one, when a rebel scrutinized their paperwork. Whomever the rebel was, knew what to look for and how to decipher documents. Maybe this man was a former Syrian Army soldier, whatever, what was found out was that all of the "tourists" were actually members of Iran's elite Republican Guards and extreme Basij militia. The tour company used was actually part of the Republican Guards and not open to the general public. Another tip off was the fact that Iran has prohibited all public tour agencies from going to Syria, yet, not this one. Another clue was there were no women nor children on the buses and all the men had short beards, typical of Iranian men.

Rebels found numerous ID cards, all Republican Guard origin, on many of them and Iranian permits to carry weapons. When the rebels questioned them, they found out the 48 men were military or para-military sent by Iran to help President Assad's military train in counterinsurgency operations for the battle in Aleppo. Basically, the men were military trainers and advisers.

Iran has frequently declared that western countries should stay out and not intervene, and if they do so, will pay the price. I guess Iran will be the first to pay.


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