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Iranian Missiles Aim at Israel's Nuclear Reactor

Updated on October 30, 2012

The odd thing is why hasn't this happened before? Israel's nuclear reactor site, Dimona, is a mere 43 km (25 miles or so) from Gaza and within missile range of those possessed by Hamas.

In any case, Hamas fired several missiles toward the Dimona reactor on Oct. 28, only a day after Sudan officials pointed the finger at Israel for its secret, undetected air raid on the Iranian sponsered weapons factory in Khartoum. Although Israel is quiet about it, they are not denying it, they simply say, "no comment". Sudan officials vowed to retaliate against Israel and because Hamas has received many weapons from the Sudan weapons plant, which is now 75% destroyed, Hamas fired on the Dimona nuclear site using GRAD missiles. Luckily, their aiming was off, the rockets fell short. Another two such missiles were fired on the city of Beersheba. As usual, the Israeli air force was quick to strike back at suspected sites located in Khan Younes.

Whether this attack was really the Sudanese retaliation is debatable because on Oct. 6. an Iranian drone flew over the Dimona nuclear reactor and the information provided to Hamas may have allowed it to target the GRAD missiles. Regardless, Hamas vowed to continue to target it. It seems that sooner or later, one missile will impact causing a nuclear fallout.


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    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 5 years ago from USA

      Nothing better to deter former Palestine's ambitions over the middle east. Let's not forget that Netanyahu attacked Iranian assets in Sudan, is bombing Palestine, is aiming at Lebanon after a bombing few weeks ago, will attack Syria (if not done already)... and so, and so, and so...