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Iran's Cyber Army: Cleansing Internet Websites

Updated on March 17, 2012

They are invisible. They are everywhere in the cyberworld. They are tracking and watching every click or website visited. They are the cyber soldiers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps and they are out to get you!

Sounds like a lead-in to a class B hollywood movie, but it is not. Iran is trying hard to seal its borders by keeping Western influence and contact out. They should think again. If the USSR could not stop the BBC or others from jamming The Beatle's music (thus, preventing a young Putin from secretly listening to them), what makes Iran think they can shut down the Internet?

Besides creating their own Internet that Iranians must use, the cyber army already has 120,000 cyber soldiers to make combat against the 650 identified websites so far classified as a security threat to Iran. Of these, 40 are from internal opposition groups and foreign. Many of the target websites promote Western values and ideals and try to create a class war. The Republican Guards monitor online activity of these websites, barrage the blogs in them promoting Iran and its values, they hack into emails and computers without any notice to their owners. The cyber army also has their own Intranet called, Basir, used for secure internal communications during conflict.

After the 2009 Green Revolution where dissidents communicated online via Facebook or Twitter, Iran's Council of Cyberspace became concerned about the oppositions ability to gather and communicate.

The net impact of the cyber army on the users there is fear. Nobody really trusts one another when communicating via the Internet. Just surfing is becoming more risky. Visiting Facebook is now a "red flag" to the cyber soldiers!


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