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Is Washington, D.C. Safe or Dangerous?

Updated on May 28, 2010

Kiplinger's report on the upcoming ten best cities to live was recently released and it inspired me to discuss Washington, DC a bit. As we write our hubs, it's important to write about what we know so that we don't run out of ideas and material. I definitely know about DC and aside from my hub on Cherry Blossoms, I haven't written any hubs regarding DC before. How silly of me. I've been sitting on a goldmine of ideas, ha, ha!

The report published by Kiplinger's lists DC among the best places in the U.S. to live. Individuals who posted comments on the internet article had a field day with the idea that DC would be one of the choices.

Whenever I read an article on the web or watch a video on You Tube, I am very interested to read the comments to see what others think. After weeding out the vulgar comments and not allowing myself to be influenced by the rudest of people, I see that many of the comments made can be very insightful and add to the experience of having read the article or having watched the video.

For the Kiplinger's report, those opposed to having Washington, DC on the list of best places to live posted predominantly the following reasons why: traffic jams, high rate of AIDS, crime ridden.

I lived in Washington, DC for over three years and I must say that when it comes to crime in the city, it really depends on what part you live in. The same applies for many cities. There are certain neighborhoods where the highest amount of crime occurs.

 I felt very safe in Washington, DC but I also think it is because of the neighborhood I chose to live in. See my hub on Safest Neighborhoods in Washington, DC. There is no denying that crime often did occur in other areas of the city. All you had to do was turn on the daily evening local news to see that. It was often quite disturbing in fact.

In closing, I would never discourage anyone from living in Washington, DC. I found it to be a wonderful place to live. You must be vigilant of the neighborhood you choose to live in and be careful when you choose to travel to certain other neighborhoods late at night.


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