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Island Nation- Maldives

Updated on March 27, 2012

This is an Island Nation located in the Indian Ocean. Its largest city and capital is Male.

It is the world’ lowest country and hence also the country with the lowest natural highest point in the world at 2.4 meters. The island in fact is gradually submerging and this is a cause of great concern to the people of Maldives. Majority of the island actually consists of corals. The country is looking to purchase land elsewhere because of the geographical predictions that the island will cease to exist in the future attributed mainly to consistent rise in sea level.

We had the chance to take a cruise and visit this beautiful nation in 2009. Sharing some views and snapshots on this amazing island country which is quite a rage destination for honeymooners in South East Asia.

cruise ship - The Aquamarine
cruise ship - The Aquamarine | Source

We chose to cruise on The Aquamarine which sailed from the port of Cochin, Kerala in India.

It is run by Louis cruise lines in Greece. It was a 7 passenger deck ship and was very comfortable to stay and with enough and more to do as usually is the case in cruise ships.

The whole island is extremely beatiful and their waters are so clean and clear, it leaves you bewildered! You can literally see yourself through the water! We had loads of fun swimming in the ocean , making new friends and playing beach volleyball.

Crystal clear and clean water at the beach
Crystal clear and clean water at the beach | Source

Fun Facts on Maldives

No of Atolls - 26

Area - 90, 000 sq km (above water 300 sq km)

Area Comparitive - about 1.7 times the size of Washington DC

Coastline - 644 Km

Terrain - flat with white sandy beaches

Economy - Tourism accounts for 28% of Gross Domestic Product. 90% of government tax revenue comes from import duties.

Airports - 5

Number of shark attacks since 1976 - None

Source : CIA The World Fact Book & The Lonely Planet

From my memorablia book...

 Quay of Male
Quay of Male | Source
 The Casino aboard The Aquamarine
The Casino aboard The Aquamarine | Source

We spent only a short time there, but it was an awesome experience.

The waters are serene, the sand is shiny and I found some interesting though small coral shells too!


The Maldivian waters provide a rich marine life experience and diving is one of the most popular tourist activity.

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