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Island Paradise of Cebu Philippines

Updated on February 5, 2017
Visit the island paradise of Cebu, Philippines for colourful festivals and those jingles they're famous for
Visit the island paradise of Cebu, Philippines for colourful festivals and those jingles they're famous for

Cebu Philippines

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Travel Paradise, Travel the Philippines

Pristine white sand beaches, beautiful azure seas, interesting culture and tropical weather. What's not to love about the Island Paradise of Cebu Philippines?

With a population of over 3,000,000 people, Cebu is sometimes referred to as the Queen of the South. It is a province of The Philippines and the place where industry and vacation resorts thrive in harmony and easy reach of each other.

Cebu Island has a long, rich history dating back to 1521 when Magellan claimed it for Spain. Even before that time, Cebu was a gateway for Asian trade merchants.

Today, the island still enjoys prosperity and growth. It promotes itself as a centre of industry, ideal vacation spot and perfect retirement location.

For anyone interested in historic architecture and statues, you'll find plenty of great sights to visit on the island of Cebu. Don't forget to pack your camera and perhaps a notepad to jot down things of interest to you.

cebu philippines:
Cebu City, Philippines

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Island of Festivals

Colorful celebrations abound on Cebu Island.

Known as the Island of Festivals, there are numerous events held to honour different aspects of nature and bounty, as well as some that are connected to religious beliefs.

Additionally, Cebu's festival jingles have become somewhat famous.

There are 47 fiestas per year in Cebu. Below is a sampling of one town's celebrations:

In honor of its patron saint, Saint Vincent Ferrer, Bogo City in Cebu holds two yearly town festivals:

  • April 5th - Birthday celebration and feast day for San Vicente Ferrer. The occasion attracts pilgrims from around the world to participate in religious activities honouring the patron saint.
  • May 27th - Pintos Festival is the official and biggest fiesta of Bogo City. It attracts large crowds to watch and participate in the celebration, and includes a contest for Ms. Bogo Festival Queen.

More About Those Famous Jingles

I'm including a few videos of the jingles in this hub. They all used to be available on the official Cebu site but it seems that they have been removed. Either that or I just couldn't locate them.

Regardless, I wanted to include a few jingles for you to see and hear, particularly since they are so well known to many. Notice that they each tell a story of the location that's being sung about. The jingles are part tour guide, part travelogue, part promotional. Always entertaining.

I was surprised, to be honest. What we consider a jingle here in North America is a bit different, a short piece of commercial music that gets stuck in our head, if the ad has done its job properly. In Cebu, it seems, a jingle is a far more full-service tool for promoting festivals in various cities. I actually like their jingles better than ours. They seem more earthy and entertaining, giving me a taste of their culture.

Cebu Beach

Cebu Vacations

The miles of gorgeous white sand beaches and crystalline water is perhaps what Cebu is best known for among tourists. A bus or motorcycle ride or a short walk however, will take you to some of the best tropical sightseeing spots in The Philippines.

In addition to the sights on Cebu Island, there are other islands to explore and enjoy. You can dive, see World Heritage structures, enjoy a variety of foods including local fare or trek up a mountain.

Since the island is also a centre of commerce and industry, business can be comfortably combined with pleasure.

There's something for everyone on the Island Paradise of Cebu Philippines.

Cebu Philippines

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Photo credit:

Cebu Accommodations

There is just about any type of Cebu hotel available. You can find luxury 5 star resorts, major hotel chains, as well as privately owned accommodations for retirees and those seeking a small apartment.

You don't need to spend a lot unless you want to. Cheap Cebu accommodation is available.

Wherever you decide to stay, you will love the Island Paradise of Cebu Philippines. In fact, odds are that you will want to return again and again. Enjoy your tropical vacation!

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    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 

      8 years ago from Germany and Philippines

      Hi! Thanks for sharing. I feel like going home again seeing the photos and the video.

    • Herald Daily profile imageAUTHOR

      Herald Daily 

      10 years ago from A Beach Online

      Glad you like them, Emie! I hope that you get to see the sights next time you're in Cebu, it looks like a very beautiful part of the world.

      Thanks for commenting, Emie!

    • emievil profile image


      10 years ago from Philippines

      Nice pictures! Thanks for featuring a wonderful place in my country! The last time I was Cebu was like 15 years ago and I didn't get the chance to go around it. Maybe this year I'll get to go there and see the sights =). Thanks again!

    • Herald Daily profile imageAUTHOR

      Herald Daily 

      10 years ago from A Beach Online

      Thanks, Lgali. I hope you do get the chance to go to Cebu!

    • Lgali profile image


      10 years ago

      nice photos someday i will go there

    • Herald Daily profile imageAUTHOR

      Herald Daily 

      10 years ago from A Beach Online

      I'll see what I can do for you two, ProCW!

      Thanks for the thumbs up and the warm welcome!

    • ProCW profile image


      10 years ago from South Carolina

      It's such a beautiful looking place! Wonder if Shirley and I could get some of the wait staff to bring out some lumpia and panset to us while we bask in the sun? :)

      Thumbs up, Herald. And again... Welcome to HubPages!!!


    • Herald Daily profile imageAUTHOR

      Herald Daily 

      10 years ago from A Beach Online

      You're welcome. Thanks for reading and checking it out.

    • Shirley Anderson profile image

      Shirley Anderson 

      10 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Ah man, I would LOVE to be lying on one of those beaches right now. Think I wouldn't mind trying that "trek up a mountain". Sounds like fun.

      I've never heard of Cebu, thanks for doing a hub on it, Herald.

    • Herald Daily profile imageAUTHOR

      Herald Daily 

      10 years ago from A Beach Online

      Glad to help! Wish I was on that Cebu beach right's raining here.

    • RKHenry profile image


      10 years ago from Neighborhood museum in Somewhere, USA

      Thanks for the relaxation. I feel great.


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