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Visit Isle of Skye – An Exotic Retreat with Your Family

Updated on March 2, 2014


The Isle of Skye is the largest island in the Scottish Inner Hebrides. The beautiful island features some of the most spectacular mountainous regions in the country. This beautiful island in the northern part of Scotland has several breathtaking sceneries and other attractions for tourists.

Dunvegan Castle, is considered to be the oldest family inhabited home in the country. It has certain parts open for visitors and features artifacts and paintings including the popular Fairy Flag. Dun Studio is the home of John Bathgate, the modern artist. His works in oils, acrylic and collage have captured the spirit of the Scottish landscape.


Sheepskins & The Talisker Distillery

When you visit Skye, you can give a visit to the manufacturers of the best quality sheepskins. This is a family-run business on the island with only two major tanneries remaining in the entire UK. Then, Skye has the Talisker Distillery, the only one on the island, located along the shores of the Lock Harport. Visitors are also allowed to taste the sweet and tempting malt, and you can also bring a few bottles home.

Make sure to visit the Skye Serpentarium that is more than 2 decades old. The interesting thing about the place is that it has turned into a refuge for illegally imported and unwanted reptiles. Kids would especially be delighted to find more than 50 animals in this serpentarium.


Local Food

When in Skye, you would certainly enjoy the local food with an atmosphere that is closer to home. If you visit Skye, you should certainly taste their oak-smoked salmon, oysters, lobsters, scallops and traditional cheese. The Doune Shagarry has lots of space, you can stay here and engage in self-catering and enjoy a stunning view of the loch. The Stein Inn is the oldest inn in Skye. It is located along the Lock bay and offers delicious food along with genuine Scottish ales.

Broadford Hotel is a 4-star hotel where you can enjoy your stay and breakfast before embarking on a mission to explore the attractions and local food. The White Heather Hotel is nestled beautifully on the harbour side in the picture-perfect fishing village of Kyleakin.

The Isle of Skye: A Walker's Guide

The Isle of Skye: A Walker's Guide (Cicerone Guide)
The Isle of Skye: A Walker's Guide (Cicerone Guide)

This guide visits all corners of the island as well as the renowned Cuillin. Updated and in full color with extensive photographs and maps,



Even though, Isle of Skye has a small airfield in Broadford, the nearest major airport is Stornoway. You can take a taxi from Stornoway to Tarbert, and a ferry would take you to Uig. Uig is connected to Skye by taxi. Local transport within the island is provided by buses and taxis. As the bus service is not frequent, it would be best to hire a taxi. The buses are named after their beginning and ending stations. You can also use ferries to move around the major destinations in and around the island.


Located at the northern most part of Scotland, the Isle of Skye would take you to an entirely another world. The island is studded with historic monuments that represent the reigns of different clans or Lords. Most of these monuments feature museums that make ideal places to learn about the history of the place. then, there are many beautiful gardens, mostly connected to these buildings. The warmer Gulf Stream plays a major role in helping the thriving of lush greenery in these gardens. The Isle of Skye is one exotic destination that you would want to take your family along to give them a surprise of a lifetime.

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