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Japan in 24 hours

Updated on April 17, 2010

You've got a 24 hour layover in Japan. What the hell are you going to do? Sit around in the airport bar? Find a hotel? Hell no!

You're going to get out there and explore this amazing country! But you have a deadline. Is 24 hours really enough time to see everything there is to see? No, of course not. However, with a little help from these articles below, you may have a chance to get out there and get a glimpse of of the real Japan, and hopefully wet your appetite for more.

And yes, a 24 hour layover is rare, but it makes a catchy title.

Which City?

You basically have two options. Osaka or Tokyo. These two cities are international airline hubs so chances are if you have a layover these two cities are where you will end up. Both are major hotspots of Japanese culture and fun. So pick your city and get rolling! Don't worry about provisions! Japan is full of convenience stores, street vendors and vending machines.

A few tidbits of info first.

The train system is your friend. Japan is a wealthy country and taxis are going to cost you. If you are rich, go for it. For everyone else, gather your courage and dive in. After your first few rides you'll start to figure it out.

Money is another issue. Japan does have ATMs but it seems only the ones in 711 convenience stores and post office ATMs will spit out cash for foreigners. If you know you are going to have a layover, plan ahead and maybe grab some cash before you depart. You can use your credit card for shopping and at restaurants. Your money will be safe too. Japan has an extremely low rate of crime so don't worry about carrying a big wad of cash around.

ok awesome, we are set to go.

Tokyo in 24 hours

Osaka in 24 hours (coming soon)


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