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Japan’s Top Five Attractions For Travelers

Updated on March 7, 2012

Tokyo Japan Water Front

by hide99
by hide99

Japan’s Top Five Attractions For Travelers

There is a lot to see and enjoy in Japan and much of it is not just in Tokyo … you can find great things to do in every part of this amazing island nation There is fun galore for the kids … adult entertainment for those traveling without kids … delightful resorts away from the big cities … even things you can do for free – absolutely no charge.

Here are the five best ideas regarding things to do for business and vacation travelers planning to visit Japan in the near future.  Consider …

Geisha Show in Khaosan Tokyo G.H.

(1) Attend a Geisha Show … Geishas can be hired for private parties and personal entertainment, but that can be prohibitively expensive. A better idea – one that is far less costly – is to buy a ticket (or tickets) for a Geisha show. Many tourists are unaware of this entertainment option, but it exists. Geishas perform traditional Japanese dances and play instruments. The shows are delightful and last about one hour. And, as I’ve already noted – they are affordable. The three best Geisha shows are: (A) Miyako Odori … this show can be seen in Kyoto any weekday evening. (B)Azuma Odori … this is the best Geisha show in Tokyo. There are daily performances and shows last about sixty minutes. (C) Atami Odori … this Geisha show is also available to visitors staying in Tokyo. Keep this in mind: Geishas are an integral part of Japanese culture. It makes sense to experience this part of Japanese life on your visit. You are unlikely to see a Geisha anywhere else.

Japanese Geisha Girl

by sachman75
by sachman75

Mt. Fuji In Japan

by kla4067
by kla4067

(2) Spend a day at a Theme Park … If you’re traveling with children give them a day they’ll remember forever. Japan, especially Tokyo, has fun-filled theme parks where youngsters and those who are not so young can enjoy rides and entertainment all day long. Many of the parks are run by American companies, but some of the parks are Japanese. Visit both types of parks, see and enjoy the differences. The best theme parks are: (A) Tokyo Disneyland … home to Mickey, Goofy and the gang of delightful Disney characters, plus great rides, arcades and lots and lots of fun. (B) Tokyo Disney Sea … If you have a fondness for the ocean – and all things water – you’ll enjoy the day at this Disney Theme park. Rides, restaurants, exhibits and more help the hours fly by. (C) Fuji O Highland … Enjoy a fun-filled day at this Japanese-run Theme Park which is right near majestic Mt. Fuji. Great rides and terrific food make for a wonderful day.

Japanese Snow Monkeys Playing In Hot Springs

(3)    Set aside two days for a stay at a Hot Springs resort … There are delightful Hot Spring resorts peppered throughout Japan. They offer relaxation … invigorating and healthful spa activities … and much more. Here are three of the best destinations: (A) Kusatsu Onsen … you can relax, get pampered, dine in style and “shop til you drop” at this wonderful resort Spa. (B) Atami Onsen … lots of comfortable inns and great restaurants dot the landscape around this pleasant Hot Springs resort. (C) Echigo Yuzawa Onsen … popular with Japanese and tourists alike, this destination offers fun in the snow and relaxation at the spa. There are many fines restaurants in the area, as well.

Japanese Meiji-Jingu Shrine

by Shiny Things
by Shiny Things

(4)    Experience Japan’s top shrines and temples … Japan’s Buddhist culture is on full display at some of its most awe-inspiring shrines and temples. These are alien in nature to westerners whose religious frame of reference rests in churches with steeples. The shrines and temples offer visitors an opportunity to experience Japan in the same way that locals experience it. The best destinations are as follows: (A) Meiji Jingu Shrine … this Buddhist shrine draws three million visitors annually, both Japanese and foreigner. (B) Naritasa Shinshoji Temple … this impressive Buddhist structure is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. It is visited by 12 million people each year. (C) Kawasaki Daishi … visitors come to this temple for one reason – toward off evil spirits. Does it work? Go there and find out.

(5)    Stop at a Free Observatory … You can enjoy spectacular views of the Tokyo skyline or other noteworthy landmarks easily and without cost. All you have to do is take an elevator to an Observatory and peer through a telescope. The best places to do this are as follows: (A) Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatory … You’ll be able to see Mt. Fuji on a clear day and buy souvenirs, as well. (B) St. Lukes Garden Observatory in Seiroka Gardens  … An elevator will bring you to the 47th floor where you’ll be able to look out and enjoy the natural beauty of the Sumida River – free of charge. (C) Shinjuku NS Building Observatory … Enjoy the views of the Shibuya area of Tokyo from the high floor of this Observatory. It’s interesting … and it’s free.

There are many more great attractions in Tokyo and all over Japan, as well. These are some of the best places to visit and enjoy. If you’re planning a trip to Japan this year, consider adding some – or all – of these attractions to your vacation itinerary.


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