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Jasper National Park

Updated on March 25, 2013

Jasper National Park

Jasper National Parks Canada

Jasper National Park Canada is breathtaking with 10,878 square kilometers of mountain wilderness. Jasper National Park Canada is only part of the vast mountain range known as the Rocky Mountains, stretching from Alberta down to the Mexican boarder. Jasper National Park Canada is celebrating 100 years. This breathtaking, beautiful park was established on Sept 14, 1907. It was named after the abandoned fur trading post "Jasper House". One hundred years ago, a few Metis families lived in Jasper, now two million people a year come to visit Jasper National Park Canada

There is so much to see and do in Jasper National Park Canada that a one day trip isn't enough. Jasper National Park Canada maintains over 190 km of trails in the area immediately surrounding the Town of Jasper so you can go hiking and sight seeing. Hiking in Jasper National Park Canada is only one way to see the spectacular views of the great Alberta water falls. Try mountain climbing or camping, go skiing, river rafting or a calming canoe ride. Do a day trip through the mountains on the train, go on a scenic helicopter ride, ride horse back for a day or two. There is always something to do or experience for everyone, of all ages, in Jasper National Park Canada.

Well your hiking in Jasper National Park Canada, don't forget to take your Nike or Marrell hiking boots, a hiking pack and a hiking stick to see the many spectacular views such as the Athabasca Falls which you can hike up to straight from the road well driving to Jasper National Park Canada. Hike up through the Valley of 1000 Falls, see a frozen waterfall in the winter, hike through Maligne Canyon which leads you to Maligne Lake, the largest natural body of water in the Canadian Rockies. Take a three hour hike past Mt. Edith Cavell into the meadows. When your day is done soak in the water of the Miette Hot Springs in Jasper National Park Canada.

Take a trip anytime of the year to Jasper National Park Canada to view the breathtaking scenic changes of the four seasons. You'll experience a trip of a life time, year round, well you stay in the spectacular heart of Jasper National Park Canada.


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