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Join the Cabin Community of Timberlakes

Updated on July 3, 2011
the cabin community sensation of Timberlakes can be felt even from the entrance
the cabin community sensation of Timberlakes can be felt even from the entrance

Hearing the term “Timberlakes” – which is very similar to “Timberlake”, the first thing that may come across some people’s mind is perhaps the celebrity who was once engaged in a relationship with the widely renowned female celebrity, Britney Spears. However, what will be discussed in this case is not about any celebrities at all. What is going to be discussed here instead is one of the world’s most favorite alternatives when it comes to enjoying some leisure time, away from home and, most importantly, away from work. Yes, Timberlakes in this case is a perfect getaway to get rid of everyday stress in life.

Situated inUtahin theUnited States of America, Timberlakes is mainly popular for its cabin community. As a matter of fact, when people try to pay a visit to Timberlakes, they will be welcomed with a wide range of cabins that have one thing in common. All these cabins are entirely made of wooden logs. Yet, they are crafted in such a way that they look pretty attractive both in the inside and outside. Anyway, being completely made of wooden logs does not necessarily mean they are old fashioned. In fact, they are considerably equipped with all sorts of modern amenities people can possibly think of. Cozy loft, custom bath tiles, picture windows, and master room complete with a separate bath are just a few examples to mention.

The cabin community of Timberlakes is a year round cabin community. With that being said, visitors of this place won’t have to bother what time they should plan their visit. No matter when it is, they will always be able to take part in the activities of the Timberlakes’ year round cabin community.

The activities that visitors can expect to take part in during their visit to this spot mostly include ATV – which stands for All Terrain Vehicles – riding, biking, snowmobiling and hiking.

During their stay at Timberlakes, visitors can also make observations on the wild life right from the comfort of the cabin in which they are staying. This is possible because most of the cabins available here overlook the mountain ranges in the eastern part of the area. Yet, if observing wildlife does not sound like fun, visitors can choose to enjoy the view of swimming ducks at the private lake they are renting during their stay at Timberlakes. Or, for another alternative, visitors can step out of their master rooms and head to the balcony. There, they will experience the sensation of the cool breezes as the day turn into night.


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