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Juanchaco y Ladrilleros, Colombia

Updated on March 11, 2013
Juanchaco y Ladrilleros
Juanchaco y Ladrilleros | Source

Juanchaco and Ladrilleros are two fishing villages on the Bay of Malaga, just 40 km north of Buenaventura, Colombia in the Pacific Ocean. They have become a popular weekend getaway for many Colombians. To get there, you need to travel to Buenaventura, from there you have to ride in a boat called a launch for 45 minutes until the launch docks at Juanchaco.

The journey from the dock to the hotel or room where you are staying is just beginning. You first get off the launch and carry your luggage, or have one of the island boys do so, through a small village until you reach some tractors hauling large wagons full of people. The next stop is the local police station where you receive a welcome and some good advice. You then continue for a while until you reach a small town where most of the resorts are. This town has no cars and the roads are unpaved avery rough. The town has a multitude of small bars and restaurants.

Cliffs of Juanchaco
Cliffs of Juanchaco | Source

From there to the beach is a very small walk. Along the way you will pass a few shops and vendors. When you arrive at the beach you are on a cliff and you have to scale down some crude rock steps. This gets pretty tricky during high tide.

View from the top
View from the top | Source
Waiting for low tide
Waiting for low tide | Source

Once you have arrived at the beach you feel very secluded. You are in a cove surrounded by a lot of impressive rock structures. It is very entertaining to walk the beach and explore some of the shallow caves. The sand is a volcanic grey color and the water is warm and comfortable for swimming. Some of the beach areas are cluttered with branches and debris that washes up.

Debris behind
Debris behind | Source

There are always a few locals that sell ice cold beer on the beach. They will also rent you a table and chairs. The beer is cheap and a table and chairs rent for about $2.50 for the low tide. You almost have to leave during high tide because the beach disappears for a while. These locals set up a couple times a day. They have to carry all their gear up the cliff each time.

On the Beach
On the Beach | Source

The sunsets are marvelous and there is a disco at the top of the cliff with an excellent view. Normally from the disco you can view everyone still on the beach with numerous bonfires.

Sunset at Juanchaco
Sunset at Juanchaco | Source

I did this trip and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was very relaxing and inexpensive.

On the Beach
On the Beach | Source
Rooms at Juanchaco
Rooms at Juanchaco | Source
Dusk time is very pretty there
Dusk time is very pretty there | Source
A beauty on the rocks
A beauty on the rocks | Source
Darnelly and I with friends
Darnelly and I with friends | Source
Cave entrance
Cave entrance | Source
In a Cave
In a Cave | Source
Beach scene
Beach scene | Source


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