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How do you know you are dead.?

Updated on February 14, 2013
skgrao profile image

I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

What should you do.?

Show some Flowers
Show some Flowers
Show My Dog
Show My Dog
Give some South Indian Food
Give some South Indian Food
Become a Sanyasi.
Become a Sanyasi.
Join the Crowd for free food at a pilgrimage Center.
Join the Crowd for free food at a pilgrimage Center.
Starve to death having faith in God.
Starve to death having faith in God.

This is Cheating

Existence not in heaven.

You will know when you are dead but you cannot call a doctor or tell your people to call a doctor.You will see your dead body but you cannot do anything you are invisible for 15 days only and you will be hovering in and out of your house watching what is going on.On the 15th day you will have to enter the body of some human or animal a female.That it.You are on earth again and time has moved,there is no going back.

If you think their is heaven you are right it is on earth.

If not how do you explain for people like Bill Gates to live on earth.

To exist in this world there are many ways as Under:-

1) Work your way up by your Hard Work - ( May be possible ).

2) Bribe people to get promotions.Even if you are a killer

3) Use Muscle Power to get things done.The Law turns the other way for these people.

4) Give party's to your Boss + Some partner.Try to get some pictures in some compromising positions with few partners,which you may need later.

5) Use the Best Costume and Become a Sanyasi.The better the costume with some shining stone adorned in a sliver or gold plate as your head gear.Few devotees well paid who are few stupid restaurant workers who will cook food for you in a wet spot less whit towel tied around their waist preparing the food on his darshan program mes which he will give to various devotees.On prior appointments only on payment of expenses for the visit as he has to travel only in a big costly car a Mercedes or Skoda even a costly BMW would be highly impressive.There will be a colour full pendal and many friends and all the relatives would be invite for Lunch.A contractor would be engaged to cook the food.This is the Prasad a item you got to eat.The use of Garlic may be unavoidable as some sects in the lower caste cannot take food with out Garlic.This is a banned item among the Bramhin class and even Onion is banned.

6) Join the wondering crowd of devotees of many Gods with out any questions or problem and tour the country free with boarding and lodging.Gifts in kind or cash also are included.It all depends on which gang you have joined.Bramhins do not go in such crowd as they indulge in all activities such as drugs,sex and gay besides consuming alcohol of any kind.

7) Have Faith in God and Starve to death.

Any other options from Hubbers is most Welcome.


Listen to the Video and do something if one room home is built by one American there wont be HOMELESSNESS In AMERICA.

Hell is Homelessness.

Home for Homeless.

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