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Updated on August 24, 2011

Kantojir Mondir is one of the oldest temple of the world which is situated at 14 miles far from Dinazpur besides Dhepa river in Bangladesh. The king of Dinazpur, Prannath Ray was started to build up this temple but couldn't finished it. His son Ramnath Ray was complete it. The base of this temple is made 1m height by stone. This base is a square shape with 18.36m. This temple is also a square shape with length 15.58m. In each sides it has 2.44m wide Balcony. In each wall are decorated by Art which are seem to be alive. They always remind us about that times of lifestyle. In each balcony has 2 pillar and 3 gate to enter into the temple. In the 1st floor, 4 dooms , in 2nd floor 4 dooms and another is on the center of 3rd floor. For this 9 dooms this temple is also known as NABARATTNO MONDIR. The length of top doom is 21.33m but it was destroyed by earthquake.

RUKSHINIKANTA another name of LORD SREE KRISNA is the main GOD of this temple. Though it is a temple, it also have the sign of that times. In that times, BORGES and PORTUGUESE were attacked in Bangladesh several time which are also notice from it's walls. But this arts are only for Bangla and own culture of Bangladesh. It also indicat that how rich the culture of Bangladesh. So if any one interested to know about Bangladeshi culture, you must see it from nearest. You must come in Bangladesh.



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