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KARIMUNJAWA "A Piece of Paradise in Central Java Indonesia"

Updated on May 20, 2016

Karimunjawa is an islands in a region of Jepara carving city, this islands have at least 27 islands which all of that islands is grouping in the Karimunjawa National Park. The location of this islands is 60KM north of Jepara city with 5 hours by the ferry ship and 2 hours by express ship.

Map of this island you can see below.


From that map we can see bunch of islands which have any specialization of water sports, like snorkeling, diving, and in the north island we also can surfing if the wind is came from east or the local man said that “angin timur (east wind)”.

Map of KARIMUNJAWA Islands

A markerkarimunjawa indonesia -
Karimunjawa, Karimunjawa, Jepara Regency, Central Java, Indonesia
get directions

The Transportation

About the transportation to Karimunjawa, there are 2 kind alternative transportation that we can used. With the ferry ship and exspress ship from Kartini harbor Jepara to Karimunjawa harbor or with the airplane from Ahmad Yani airport Semarang to Dewandaru airport Karimunjawa.

Express Bahari ship

Capcity : 350 passanger

Crossing time : 2 hour

Executive class : 150.000 Rupiahs

VIP class : 175.000 Rupiahs

Crossing schedule : Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday at 08:00 from Jepara

Contact person for ticketing : (08:00-16:00) telp. 0291-592999

Ferry ship Siginjai

Capacity : 400 passanger

Crossing time : 4-5 hour

Excecutive class : 57.000 Rupiahs

VIP class : 96.000 Rupiahs

Crossing schedule : Monday, Wednesday, Saturday at 07:00 from Jepara

Contact person for ticketing : (08:00-16:00) telp. 0291-591048

The Homestay and Resort

For the homestay if you’re travel as a backpacker I guess you to ask to the tourism information to get information about homestay with the low rate price but too much good. But if you have a much of money you can stay in resort. There are many homestay and resort with the different rate and price on there.

WARU Homestay
WARU Homestay

Homestay rate and price :

1. Room for 2 person with fan and outside bathroom, 80.000-100.000 Rupiahs

2. Room for 2 person with fan and inside bathroom, 125.000-150.000 Rupiahs

3. Room for 2 person with AC and TV and inside bathroom, 200.000-300.000 Rupiahs

Above is the one of any homestay in Karimunjawa, that name is WARU homestay. Actually the owner of WARU homestay is my friend that i met him when i visited to Karimunjawa, his name is Ojik. About the story why i can met him i will write in the next post. About the rate of WARU homestay is start from Rp.175.000 include Pancake for breakfast. I can help you if you want to stay in this homestay, just invite my contact in the end of this post.

For the resort you can search in google with keyword (kura-kura resort, jiwa quest, the kelapa, d’season karimunjawa, karimunjawa inn, cocohuts, omah alchy’s, and many more). Price for the resort start from 350.000-3000.000 rupiahs.

Cocohuts Resort
Cocohuts Resort
Jiwa Quest Resort
Jiwa Quest Resort

The Destination

For the destination in Karimunjawa there are 2 kind option, overland tour and sea tour.

Overland Tour

For the overland tour you can rent a motorcycle or a bicycle, price rate for rent motorcycle start from 100.000 rupiahs full day (12hour) and for the bicycle 50.000 rupiahs full day (12hour). The destination for overland tour is too much far from the city of karimunjawa, I guess you to rent a motorcycle.

Below is the list of destination that you can visited.

1. Love Hill

2. Batu Topeng Beach

3. Ujung Gelam/Tanjung Gelam Beach

4. Tracking Mangrove

5. Bugis Traditional House

6. Batu Putih Beach

7. Batu Lawang Beach

8. Jokotuo Hill

9. Legon Lele Beach (you can see the sunrise from this places)

Joko Tuo Hills
Joko Tuo Hills
LOVE Hills
LOVE Hills
Tracking Mangrove
Tracking Mangrove

Sea Tour

About the sea tour there are 2 kind destination, east point and west point. For sea tour (snorkeling) you can share with other travelers for rent the boat, with 150.000 rupiahs you will get a Snorkel, goggle, fin, and life jacket. Or if you want to private trip and rent the boat, the price is start from 1.500.000 rupiahs. If you want to diving, you can ask to the tourism information, about price rate of diving it start from 500.000 rupiahs/person.

Below is the list of some kind destination of sea tour.

West Point:

1. Shark Breeding Menjangan Besar

2. Secret Garden Snorkling spot

3. Nemo Snorkling spot

4. Gosong Cemara Snorkling spot

5. Cemara Kecil island

East Point:

1. Shark Breeding Pulau Tengah

2. Tengah Island Snorkling spot

3. Cilik Island Snorkling spot

4. Tengah Island

5. Cilik Island

Tengah Island Snorkling Spot
Tengah Island Snorkling Spot | Source
Gosong Cemara
Gosong Cemara | Source
Tengah Island
Tengah Island | Source
Shark Breeding Menjangan Island
Shark Breeding Menjangan Island | Source
Gosong Cemara Sorkling Spot
Gosong Cemara Sorkling Spot | Source
Cilik Island Snorkling Spot
Cilik Island Snorkling Spot | Source
Secret Garden Snorkling Spot
Secret Garden Snorkling Spot | Source
Secret Garden Snorkling Spot
Secret Garden Snorkling Spot | Source
Fish BBQ and Eat Together
Fish BBQ and Eat Together | Source

The Food

There are many kind of place like café and restaurant which serve any kind of food, Chinese food, western food, and also traditional food. Don’t be afraid about taste, generally is delicious. If you want to eat with great landscape just go to Cocohuts resort and restaurant, places on top of hill you can see Karimunjawa on height.

Cocohuts Resort and Restaurant
Cocohuts Resort and Restaurant | Source

The Weather

Karimunjawa is tropical islands like Bali, summer is start from May until December. But the best time to visit is on June until August. Summer makes good landscape, the sea and sky look so blue. And also make the water visibility on goodness.

Stunning View of Summer
Stunning View of Summer

Okay, that was a little general information about Karimunjawa islands in Indonesia. On next post i will share my private experience when i visit there 5day/4night with both of my best friends Boim and Mimot.

Oh if you want to get the information about Karimunjawa island you can invite my

BBM pin 5e5985f2

Whatsapp 087831813964

Line ID _ariefr

Or you can check my instagram @t.nationkarimunjawa


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