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Updated on May 18, 2011
Nyama Choma, Chips, Kachumbari, Ugali...With my girls!
Nyama Choma, Chips, Kachumbari, Ugali...With my girls!
Night out with the girls!
Night out with the girls!
relaxing on the balcony at my cousin's house
relaxing on the balcony at my cousin's house
my grandmother's house in the village ((9 hours away from the city))
my grandmother's house in the village ((9 hours away from the city))
my aunt makes good food!
my aunt makes good food!
my girls and I on the day of the class reunion
my girls and I on the day of the class reunion
Nairobi..i took this shot while I was standing at KICC..
Nairobi..i took this shot while I was standing at KICC..
shopping with my two best friends
shopping with my two best friends
beautiful shot
beautiful shot
masaai lodge!! AMAZING!!
masaai lodge!! AMAZING!!

It has indeed been a century since I have graced this space!!...Much has happened this year and God has been Great. School is finally out and I am more than glad that it is finally done. The semester as a whole was a big mess since I had so many distractions but I have no regrets. I had been looking forward to going back to Kenya for so long and finally, God answered my prayers. In March, I got a chance to go home for two weeks and boy oh boy was it refreshing!!!..I remember sitting in the plane waiting to hear the flight attendant making the final call on arrival and my tears were ready to roll! Well,truth be told, the airport looked quite worn out. As much as I was glad to be back home, I could not help but notice how rusty Jomo Kenyatta International Airport looked. Not because I have traveled and viewed various airports, but also because I had never quite noticed it before. Should the government do something about it? Definately! Considering the fact that it is the main airport, government officials should take it as a challenge to make sure JKIA is up to the standards of other International Airports. I also realized that the stretch between the City of Nairobi and the Airport had poor lighting. For a second I had imagined that it was always well lit but i was wrong. Had it been that long since I was away from home? Anyway, everything looked beautiful. I could not contain my excitement as I drove past the city center heading towards the hotel. I could not wait to meet family and friend but more so, I could not wait to eat Nyama Choma. Nyama Choma is Kenyan Barbeque that is often served with Ugali and/or fries with a side dish best known as kachumbari. On arrival at the hotel, I immediately updated my status on facebook quote "IN MAAA CITTTTTTYYYYYYYYYY" and whoa the response was amazing! My phone was constantly buzzing since most peple knew I was around. The next day, my amazing friends took me shopping for mtumba...also known as "mtush". Mtush is second hand clothing that is very fashionable and extrememly cheap. Even though they could not understand why I insisted on buying second hand clothes, we still had fun bargaining the prices and by the end of the day, Fiona was one happy girl. The only problem was that it was extremely hot. For those of you who have been to Kenya, the weather is always perfect. Apparently, global warming seems to be a major set back on our lovely weather. Back to the main story...On leaving the market,we went for lunch and God knows how much I had craved Nyama Choma and Kenyan fries "chips". I ate until I could not take in any more. My day had been crowned beautiful. Everything was so lovely. Seeing the busy streets of Nairobi buzzing with activity was a simple confirmation that it was not a dream.

At night, I got to experience the night life in Nairobi. Before (years ago), people did not party till dawn but it was no shocker seeing young people staggering at 5AM going home. Westlands has the best joints and truth be told, I had so much fun that I cannot describe it.It was also interesting to find out that a certain politician had set drinking laws known as "mututho"..This means that past a certain time, young people are NOT supposed to drink (In Kenya?? Are u kidding me??)

Anyway, my two weeks in Kenya were amazing. Seeing my friends and my family after so long was the icing on the cake. At one point, I refused to return abroad. I realized that I was so happy in Kenya but I had to return because of school. It was amzing seeing how much development is taking place not only in Nairobi, but also in the surburbs.

I realized that

1. Cost of living is very high in the city of Nairobi.

2. The gay community in Kenya is on the rise.

3. In regards to security, I believe things are getting better since Kenya is transforming into a 24hour system.

4. Infrastructure is definately being transformed. The construction of a Super Highway will boost the economy

5. Real Estate is sprawling!!!...BEAUTIFUL HOMES AND APARMENTS.

6. More and more Kenyas can afford private transport. (Traffic is crazy)

7. Drugs and HIV is prevalent among college students

8.Kenyans love Range Rovers, BMWs, Mercedes and Audis

9. Increase in foreign population as more and more Europeans, Asians and Americans are choosing to settle in Kenya.

10. Crazy politicians have not changed one bit!

All in all, my trip back home was so refreshing and I love love KENYA.


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