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Kuttikkanam, The Peaceful Paradise of Kerala in India

Updated on March 16, 2013

In South India, Kerala is a unique landmark with high ranges of Western Ghats, rubber and tea plantations and thick rainforests. About 75 % of land mass in Kerala is covered by hills and forests. We can find many number of hill stations, dams and wild-life sanctuaries there to visit and enjoy.

Kuttikkanam is one of the beautiful hill stations of Kerala with its peaceful and mesmerizing scenic beauties. In India most of the hill stations are usually crowded with people from various parts of the country and also from abroad. It is nature and true that we every one will like to enjoy a hill station which is free from crowds and noise pollutions. By my experience, I can say that kuttikkanam is the best choice of hill station for those who really want to enjoy natural beauty and pleasant climate in privacy. The months April and May are favorable time to visit here.

Kuttikkanam is situated in Idukki district of Kerala, India at an altitude of 3,500 foot above sea level. Though it seems to be moderately elevated place, it would be very enjoyable with surrounding misty hills, greenish tea and cardamom estates, variety of green woods, silvering cascades and chill weather with bracing winds. It is lying on NH 220 which connects Madurai, Tamil Nadu and Cochin, Kerala and the highest point of the road. From Kuttikkanam, the road which leads to Cochin begins to go down. It's also a junction point where Madurai, Cochin and Kattappana roads meet together. Kuttikkanam is a place for many educational institutions including Arts and Engineering colleges. Marian college is one of the important colleges here.

The History of Kuttikkanam

The history of Kuttikkanam dates back to 1750 AD. Around 16th century Changanachery kings ruled here and in 1756 AD, the king of Trivancore conquered the Changanachery kings and begin to rule the province. At that time Kuttikkanam and surrounding places were isolated by the lack of road facilities.The CMS Missionary called Henry Baker, first visited this place and started coffee plantations. But the plantations were shifted to tea during the regency of Srimoolam Thirunal. Then this place came to the light of the world.

After Henry Baker many English people arrived there for sheltering and plantations. The British people started Arieal rope way LTD which was first Public LTD Company in that area. But the poor economic aspects made the company to focus on road transport. Then the company was taken by Mr Michael Kallivayalil, a brilliant young entrepreneur from Kerala. By that time most of the English people's properties were sold to the people of Kerala and nearby Tamil Nadu.

During the reign of British people most of the people from nearby area migrated to Kuttikkanam and constitute the considerable part of the population. Now Kuttikkanam has changed to worthy tourist place with many luxury hotels and plenty of transport facilities.

One of the Cascades nearby Kuttikkanam

Accommodations at Kuttikkanam

There are many luxury hotels at Kuttikkanam. Among them Thrisangu Heaven is famous for its ideal location and atmosphere. It lies at an elevation of about 100 m above Kuttikkanam. In legend it is said that the sage Viswamitra created a special heaven for the king called Thrisangu who wanted to enjoy heaven in mortal body. That Myth fact has become the reason for getting this name. From name it self we can understand the uniqueness of the location. A single road which cuts on the left side of Madurai-Cochin road nearby bus stop goes to Thrisangu Heaven. The hotel is about 600 metre away from the bus stop. The narrow road which runs to this hotel will enjoyable mood with the rocks and grassy slopes on both sides. The Hotel is the toppest point of Kuttikkanam and words to be found to express the beauty and privacy of the location.

Getting there

Kuttikkanam is well connected by road from Madurai, Kambam, Kumily, Cochin and Kattapana. Nearest Railway stations and Air-ports are Cochin, Kerala and Madurai, Tamilnadu.


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