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Invited To Israel: Kadarim Restaurant Haifa Beach: the Only Place With The Quiet from the Past

Updated on February 28, 2017

Haifa Beach

Kadarim Restaurant Haifa Beach On Hof Zamir Close To Dado Beach

The history of the Haifa beach restaurant Kadarim goes back to the time before there was any restaurant in Kfar Samir. The family owned a factory of handmade pottery in downtown Haifa, during Ottoman times. Later, during the English Mandate, in 1924, the family built their first house in Kfar Samir and set up their factory again. A long process of improving basic infrastructure took place, a phenomenon that happens in newly built and less accessible parts of the country.

Israeli Television Documentary Of The Pottery

In 1982, the idea of starting a restaurant was realised while the pottery factory continued to exist. The Israeli television made an extended documentary of the family history and the pottery.

Hopefully, in the near future, this could become available in video format on the Kadarim website. It deals with the pottery factory and the way things were done till the late sixties. Things have changed a lot since. Nowadays with the family becoming more and more internationally oriented creative and new ideas are brought from afar and incorporated into the existing business. This international orientation attracts tourists, immigrants and Vatikim from the Haifa mountain. Kadarim restaurant is a place of Vatikim for Vatikim and still has an atmosphere that reminds of the time of the English Mandate.

Kadarim Beach in the Past and Present

Kadarim beach once was a place for fishermen who threw out their nets while standing in the water till the waist. It didn't have any restaurants or bars and only nature had its way. Slowly, slowly modern society progressed and everywhere little bars and restaurants popped up. It became more and more commercial. The latest developments with the building of the Hof Ha Carmel bus and trainstation made many more visitors come down to the beach front. Especially on Friday afternoon and Saturday. On Saturdays there are folkdance gatherings not far from the Kadarim restaurant . Any type of Israeli music is used for dancing there. From ancient Yemenite inspired music to the most modern Hip Hop.

Besides eating and dancing you can also go surfing on the waves at Kadarim beach. It is one of the things some Kadarim family members like doing in their free time.

The Kadarim restaurant is at the Haifa beach and 10 minutes walk south of the Hof ha Carmel trainstation. The food is good quality, not expensive and the atmosphere breathes the friendliness of the Orient. Haifa residents go to Kadarim for its quiet and friendly atmosphere. It's is a place for tourists and immigrants as well. Waiters and waitresses speak Russian Hebrew Arabic English and as French becomes more and more a must these days in Israel, I assume that this language will soon be added to the variety presently available. For visitors from Holland go to hollandshaifastrandrestaurant.


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