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Kashmir Heaven on Earth

Updated on September 29, 2014

Kashmir is Most Beautiful Place in Subcontinent

Kashmir is most beautiful place in subcontinent. Due to natural beauty and snow covered mountains Kashmir is also called Switzerland of subcontinent. Kashmir also known as heaven on earth. Snow covered mountains, beautiful rivers, narrow roads, and lush green environment is beauty of Kashmir. Kashmir natural beauty is divided between India and Pakistan.

Kashmir is Large Visiting Tourist Place

Despite tension in both sides Kashmir is large visiting tourist place and large number of people visit Kashmir mostly in summer season. Kashmir climate is very harsh and freezing in peak winters. Snow covered mountains and roads add difficulties in lives of local people.

Sometimes landslides and continuous rains can close main roads several hours. In Kashmir summer season is ideal for tourist and local people. Due to most amazing beauty Kashmir is also ideal location for film makers.

Kashmir People

Agriculture is main profession of local people most of them are hard working and friendly people. Tourism is another big industry in Kashmir and large number of people are depends on tourism activities. Kashmir has several worth seeing places full of natural beauty.

Nelam river and dull lake is most visiting palaces in Kashmir specially dul lake is full of natural beauty and freezing lake in peak winter provide more attraction and amazing scenes.

Nelam Valley Kashmir

Nelam Valley is most beautiful part of Kashmir. We can see large trees, big mountains and beauty of nature everywhere. Pakistani side of Kashmir called Azad Kashmir and area is under control of Pakistani administration. Azad Kashmir beauty is also worth seeing and large number of tourist visited famous palaces of Azad Kashmir every year.

This side of Kashmir is situated in lower part of Himalayas and Hari Parbat peak in nelam valley is highets peak in region. Muzzafarabad is capital of Azad Kashmir and Kotli, Baghg, Mirpur and Rawalakot are famous cities in Azad Kashmir.

Geography of Kashmir

A markerKashmir -
Jammu and Kashmir
get directions

Dal Lake Srinagar

Dal lake is a lake in Srinagar. The Dal lake is the second largest lake in the state. Due to is amazing natural beauty Dal lake also called “Jewel in the Crown of Kashmir” .The Dal lake is also important place for fishing and water supply.

The lake covers area around eighteen kilometers surrounding ares is also full of natural beauty and worth seeing places. Due to amazing natural beauty Dal lake is famous tourist place and government is providing several facilities.

Spring in Kashmir

Kashmir has four distinct season. Kashmir beauty is booming in all seasons winter, summer, autumns and spring but spring is most beautiful season in Kashmir. Spring season in Kashmir usually starts from March and ends in May. This is the season when Srinagar experiences more rains and millions Flowers carpet the ground.

Beautiful Places in Kashmir

Srinagar Ladakh Highway
East of Srinagar
Three hours drive from Srinagar
South West of Srinagar
Dale Lake

Amazing Beauty of Kashmir


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    • jabelufiroz profile image

      Firoz 4 years ago from India

      Beautiful hub on Kshmir. Voted up.

    • Hummingbird5356 profile image

      Hummingbird5356 4 years ago

      Yes. Kashmir is definitely a beautiful place.